Holiday Giveaway #7 - Singfire, (Really??) SF 501B - We have a Winner

It's a busy day so I am doing the winners now, or else it would be Thursday before I got to them.

The Winner is:

Post # 33

Member: kavawava

I will PM you soon

Thank You

Holiday Giveaway #7 - Singfire, (Really??) SF 501B

Here's a Singfire light. The light itself was given to me. It has not been modded. It takes a single 18650 and has an XM-L in it.



I pay the shipping, so don't worry about this one.

Anyone registered on or Before November 28th 2013 can enter. Just post here and your post# is your lucky number.

Giveaway runs until Wednesday December 4th. It officially ends at Noon Central Time, but the winner might not be announced till Thursday, just depends on what I have going at the time.

Winner will be picked by

Bling bling, thanks for the giveaway! :slight_smile:

I can sing

i am loved

Jing a ling a ling with the bling. Im in!

In, please i like the GOLD

I’m in for this neat little thing! :slight_smile:

Nice color.

I’m in.
Thank you!

thanks OL please enter me

In. Thank you!

I am in, thanks !

In plz!

It looks rather neat!
Nice name & its gold.

yellow! im in thanks

In, please.

fire only can dance :smiley:
thanks for the giveaway!

With gifts of gold and myrr…

Count me in :slight_smile:

I’m in Merry Christmas y’all

In, thanks!

I’m in! Thank you OL!