Holiday Giveaway and Group Buy, Courtesy of Gearbest and O-L - Contest is closed, GB continues

Really good to hear Gearbest is responding on this thread, shows that they care!

It’s nice to know that Gearbest are following these threads and responding to problems. PM sent, thanks.
Here are the photos I sent:

It is far more obvious in real life but you can see how the chrome plating around the switch is peeling.

On the right hand side of this pic you can see where the o-ring has pushed down between the edge of the lens and the head. Although they don’t claim this light is waterproof, that is not even splashproof.

The good news is Gearbest agreed to refund me for one of the lights and that refund came through today, so fair play to them. :slight_smile:
My batteries arrived and I can confirm that protected 16340s do fit.
The bad news is one of my lights also has a dud switch which is permanently on ‘high’ and will not switch off or change modes. The only way to switch the light off is to remove the battery………or was until I discovered that the tail cap from an Ultrafire SK68 clone fits perfectly. So I now have a unique 1 mode tail switch version! Added bonus is it now tailstands. :wink:

I hope you guys are having better luck with yours.

Stressed out before Christmas forgot to claim mine :slight_smile:

Got my 4 in yesterday (I ordered em from the group buy from the OP), they really aren’t that bad little lights

Just don’t like the H>L>STROBE>OFF round robin modes (definitely going to be kids use lights)

The o-ring was practically bonded in the head, was a booger getting the battery tube loose, but got it off and lubricated the threads and the o-ring (it had lube but it look like they missed em…not a bad little 16340 light…just need to get me some more cheap 16340’s to put in em

Thanks O-L!

Hmm, still haven’t decided whether I need to get in on this or not. Has someone done a teardown on this thing? Does it have a proper name or a reference number or something? I’d like to see a pic next to an SK68 or something.

I don’t own any CR123A lights and I’m not sure I want to start. OTOH it might give me a good excuse to play with boost drivers.

So I just ordered one tonight…the code still works if anyone else wanted to jump on.

It’s the same size as a Sk68 but about 1/2oz lighter. According to Gearbest it’s 16340 only and won’t take C123 primaries, which is a pity but I don’t have any to test if that is true or not.

I don’t think it has any official name. There are some silver ones around on eBay, not at this price though. I understand the GB code has been extended ’till the end of the month.

Edit: Silver version is actually a different make. Looks like it’s been copied already. :wink:

Thanks for the pic! At this price it probably is 16340 only w/ the stock driver. Boost drivers cost more to make than DD drivers.

Some of you may have already found this but thanks to Fritz t. Cat I have just discovered that this light actually has a 4 mode driver: hold the button down for a few seconds to accesss the hidden SOS mode.

What’s with the little rubber plug over a port on the side opposite the switch — is this meant to work with an external charger?

(no, I didn’t win one, I actually ordered one when the thread started, it just arrived)

I wanted to see if the state of the art for this size battery was better than my three Arc LSs.

Yes it’s a charging socket. There’s no in-built charger, it’s just direct wired to the battery. It’s how I charge mine - with a hobby charger.

Gearbest did me the “favour” of shipping this with Netherlands surface mail. When will they ever learn?

Hi DanielM, I’m really sorry about it, could you please PM me with your problem and the order number, thanks.

sincle the lense and reflector are not that good in this light ,i added this as for the pill i removed that thin aluminum spacer it had and added a brass pill from a P60 dropin (soldering will be a bit tricky if you replace the wires with bigger)
sorry i dont have any pics

I just got one of these in yesterday and I kind of like it. I took it to work today and tore it down. Not the most convenient way of assembling things but it takes some fiddling to get it back together. You have to make sure and put the driver in with the switch in the correct spot so that it turns off and on (don’t ask how I learned that) :open_mouth: . The led itself just sits on a shelf that sits on a ledge. I applied a little heat sink compound to the bottom.

I measured the current and got 800ma on high and 180ma on low that on one of my Trustfire flames 16340.

I am thinking of putting a better tint xpg2 in it and giving the reflector a little stippling like Old Lumens does often and it should be a descent little EDC light. Has anyone done any mods to this and if so is there PICS. This light is hard to locate any info on here on BLF. I think we might need to name it. Maybe the Yupard 16340 side clicky.

FYI - I ordered 2 more today and the code still works.

I made an RGBW light out of it, see here with a diffuser (#35):

After reading this thread I went through some of my lights to check the LEDs and found many fakes. This light was one of the ones I found with fake XP-Es in them.
It’s not that the fakes are that bad, it’s just annoying that we are being conned into believing these lights contain genuine Cree emitters.

So this one has a fake led? I got one to give away as a gift, and it has been fine for the friend who received it. Not that it really means much, I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was fake, but no doubt we are more discerning customers. No one wants to be duped though.

The two I got certainly do.

LB stands for LatticeBright.