Holster for Fenix TK41

Hi all. Santa's elf has informed me a Fenix TK41 will be in my stocking on Christmas. I need help to find a holster to protect my new light. Any ideas? Also looking for 4bay Ni-Mh charger for around $40, any suggestions?

+ 1 on the holster,i woulld like to see what they have out there but havent looked

here is what most people think are really good features etc

look for deals but these are the 2 most revered brands ( to my knowledge ) i got the lacrosse myself its nice , with battery 4 aa and 4aaa for 35+ , look for deals , it chages fast slow , checkes capacity ...

La Crosse Technology BC-700

Maha Powerex Wizard One MH-C9000

After I saw Foy's review of the TK41 I knew I had to get one, but I have not found any company that makes a holster/holder for this light.I know the TK41 is not a BFF typical, but I think it will last a long time with good service. I also agree on the Maha C-9000 as the charger to get.

Still looking