I've just ordered a whole pile of holsters to put my lights in. Hopefully I'll have enough holsters to house all of them - or at least most of them. Still looking for something to put the Mags in - 3 2D, 2 3D, 2 6D. A holster for the 6D would likely be enormous and not entirely practical.

Pictures, comments etc. to follow in due course. Probably 4-24 weeks depending on what that Icelandic volcano manages to do. Apparently when the one that has blown up lets go, the much larger one beside it lets go too. Could be interesting. My local supermarket is short on imported fruit and vegetables now. No great loss as there's plenty of locally grown stuff just now. But I do miss my stringy mangoes.

Cool, cant wait to see the assortment especially the lights that go in them.

What "officially" fits isn't really relevant as I don't necessarily own those lights. What actually fits in them is more important to me. The bigger lights usually come with holsters, but the smaller ones usually don't. Lots and lots of lights use the Ultrafire C2 body (The C8's are the same body and head). My Aurora AK-P7 for example. It is a single 18650 body with a rather large head. The P60 lights will all fit in the camo medium case pictured elsewhere.

If I had any turboheads for P60 lights I might need some other holsters, but I don't. The Seraph does do a turbohead for not a lot of money.


Am tempted but I've spent too much on lights already and the pound-dollar exchange rate is terrible just now.

You might as well buy another light if your going to spend that kind of money on just the head.

Looking at the prices - I agree. I remembered the turbohead as being a lot cheaper than that. Surefire's incan ones are cheaper but then the bulbs cost silly money.