Home Depot 6 Volt Rayovac 3 led flashlight $5

Anybody seen these or have one. Seem like they would be worth $5 but I know nothing about this type light or a 6 volt battery, other than the old style bulbs stink and the batteries always seem to be dead when u need it. I dont see it on there website but they have have them at my local store in Lagrange, GA. They look exactly like the one in the link except it has 3 led's instead of the old bulbs and is made by Rayovac. BTW, I have about 12 AAA Rayovac rechargeables that are still going strong for over 6 years. Thoughts on this light, the price, and 6 volt batteries???


I bought the incandescent one as a host for a stanley halogen spotlight because I trashed the body of the stanley.

I'm not a fan of those 6 volt batteries. I've had a couple lights that use them and they don't have anywhere near the capacity that their size implies...

But, if you wanted a super long run (and super budget) torch, that'd be a good host for it. Imagine how many NiMh AAs you could fit in there...

I still have an idea to throw a Fusion 36 in one of those lanterns.

I bought the Walmart version. They are a pretty decent light for the price, you get a good amount of light for a really long time plus they float if you drop them in the water. I modded mine with an XML and melted the reflector.