Home Depot Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

This is not part of my big score on Sunday when I went thru Massachusetts to visit my brother, I will post those later.
I found this deal a couple of days ago using information that I had remembered from the start of this thread by ImA4wheelr.
In June of this year Lowes changed lines on clamps, vises etc and cleared out all of their Bessey line. To replace them, they brought in the Irwin line. A lot of those deals are posted in the Lowes Deal Alert Thread
At the same time, Home Depot cleared out their Irwin line and brought in Bessey. Some of us were able to benefit from the clearance carnage at BOTH stores! :slight_smile:
Knowing this, whenever I see an Irwin product in Home Depot, I know that it still shouldn’t be there and could ring up for a penny.
The other day I found this item on a clearance shelf at HD, here is a pic of that same item in Lowes for they now carry Irwin.

But HD no longer does! So I grabbed it and……………
a penny.

I didn’t realize how useful this tap holder is until later. How many times in tapping a hole or chasing some threads has one had to “cheat” and to get extra torque have connected and adjustable wrench to the tap in order to turn it? Not only does this tap holder have that removable bar, but it is made to take a 3/8” ratchet. NICE.

There is little or no chance anyone else can find this deal, I am only pointing this out because there is more than 1 way to find these penny deals, this time with knowing when remnants of a previously carried line is found.