Home Depot Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

This thread can be used for when you have a Home Depot deal alert or subject you wish to discuss, but don't want to create a whole stand alone thread.

Can be used for the separate discussion thread requirement of the The BLF Deal Alert Thread for Home Depot related postings.

Here is a link to the HD Inventory Tracker, but it doesn't seem to work at the time of this posting.

EDIT: dchomak has found a couple interesting links to aid in HD deal finding as follows:

EDIT2: Sigster posted a cool link for finding product locally:

Yep, no deals at Home Depot right now, but that will change.

Here is something though, Lowes just started to clear out their inventory of Bessey clamps and vises. It seems Home Depot has picked up that line and offers this set of 4 Bessey bar clamps.

Folks, for those that are new, dchomak is the undisputed king of deal findings, especially at Lowes and Home Depot. I mean seriously, the dude has found legendary deals at those stores. As I have said in the past, he has the finder power.

He should be the author of this thread. If he were to create one, I would gladly retire this one. If I had such power on BLF.

That doesn't sound like a bad deal. Lowes had the single 36" version for $6.98, but I bought the last one at the Harbison, Columbia SC store.

I picked one of these up today at the West Hartford, CT HD. I don't know if all stores will have this deal or not. After I got it home I saw that it has a lot of bad reviews. Near as I can tell, screws come loose in the motor head and wipe out the motor. I will have a look see.

Large battery pack, I wonder what's inside!

I thought for sure it would have the Chinese LS IMR's, but NO. It's full of 6 pairs, 12 cells total, of Samsung 1300mAh IMR

Oh man, my weed whacker is so getting retired if my HD has that special. Thank you dchomak.

Maybe some Threadlock, if you can identify and access the screws in question.

Can’t forget about the Cree Led bulb deal that’s been going on online.
Worth a mention if anybody hasn’t seen it yet.

Also the West Hartford HD isn’t bad. I like it better than the one in derby.

Whats the bulb deal?

Cree Led at HD

They have 5 dollar led bulbs online, it’s the cheapest I know of anywhere to get 60watt equivalent Led bulbs.

Don’t know if it’s going to expire anytime soon, but I bought them a year ago for the 10 a piece, and it’s only the 60 watt equivalents that are discounted.

There’s a 10 quantity order limit. Home depot is the only place I know that carries this discount, and it’s a huge one.

EDIT: Did a little research and it seems it’s very sensitive to where you live. These guys at slickdeals have a breakdown of price by state, I guess it’s dependent on subsidies from local energy companies.

WOW 1.98 a bulb in vermont…if winter comes and I’m there for the mountains and this deal is still on I’ll definitely be stocking up.

Figures they’d be regular price in Virginia.

This is not about a great price, but rather about a great idea.
I have a commercial property that needed a better light fixture in an office restroom. Here is a picture of the ugly light fixture that was there (shame on me) and picture of what I did to make it better. The solution was at Home Depot and cost $19.97


Here is what is inside

What makes this so attractive to use is that any cheap light fixture is at least $10 and needs to be wired in. Add to that the cost of a bulb. This solution is $20 and just screws into place and as an added benefit it is already LED.

+ 1,000,000!

I have bought some Duraloops from him before at a very low price. Legendary indeed!

Thanks for the kind words, but it seems I jumped the gun on the string trimmer deal. $139 marked down to $58 was not as good of a deal as I thought. Now they are $38! (IF you can find one)
I bought another. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your grass will be terrified. Strimmers like 6 shooters

I checked as soon as you posted that weed whacker deal the first time, but my closest store didn't have them marked down at all. I should try stop in on the way home tonight to be sure.

There has been a massive security breach at HD, the same one that Target suffered, only it seems it took much longer for HD to notice. In fact it wasn’t until banking officials and law enforcement clued them in did they have any idea.


But never mind that!
Today I got a deal: :slight_smile:

I think your fairy godmother must be a manager at HD.

This leads to another “deal”, Home Depot is offering free credit monitoring in Canada, i assume the US gets or will get the same

Haven’t been back to home depot after an employees tried to get me kicked out for CCW.

Well that sucks. Were you printing or did your shirt pop up? Or open carry?

It's basically a certainty that both of my cards got hacked and will be used soon enough, I used them way too often at HD.