HongKong Post tracking system gone haywire

Hi everyone,

Just a quick tip to everyone about HongKong Post (HKP) this time of year. They are obviously handling a massive volume of parcels right now, and it looks like their tracking system isn't keeping up.

I'm expecting a package from Manafont, which they shipped out of the warehouse is their typical very prompt fashion. From there, it was shown as processing in the HKP tracking system for about 6 days. Finally, the tracking status said it would be shipping out the next day... to Uruguay, the wrong country! I immediately notified Manafont and I also filed an issue with HKP. Manafont promptly sent out another item to me, although it wasn't their fault...very nice! Unfortunately HKP's response time is usually too slow to prevent a package from going astray, and the next day the first package supposedly left HongKong for the wrong country. So I kept an eye on the tracking number of the second package. After about another week, it registered as about to leave HongKong... this time for Canada, once again the wrong country! Arghhhh. I again contacted Manafont, and they looked into the issue. At the same time, HKP responded to my first inquiry about the first package that supposedly went to Uruguay. They gave me destination information and even the bag number of the first parcel, which they claim actually did get shipped to my address... I guess we'll see if it arrives. Then a few more hours later, Manafont responded about the second package, and apparently they managed to rectify that issue with HKP, because the HKP tracking system changed the destination country from Canada to my country.

Long story short, the HKP tracking system is basically failing this time of year. I hope that they use a bit of common sense and human intervention to actually look at the shipping labels and put them in the correct bags to the correct countries. Another adventure in overseas shipping! ;)

I have a few orders from kd with tracking number shipped on 20 and 21 january respectively. Hongkong post doesen't find the parcels. However about at same time roughly MF orders not only were findable but recently departed for its destination (wrongfully as Sierra Leone, but happened one time already and the package arrived perhaps a bit waremer going through africa.)

So.. what's up with KD orders tracking? Anyone experienced such issues?

A lot of companies (like KD and DX) issue a "voucher" (ticket) for packages long before those packages reach the HongKongPost offices, so that is why you can't track them in the system

Calculate about SEVEN days from the day you get a tracking mumber until your parcel REALLY departs from HK!!!

I have a parcel from 8/12/10 from DX that did not arrive yet. In the DX forum there is a lot of talk and excuses about parcells being lost and returned from CN post to DX.

My last several orders through HKP have all said they were going to Georgia (Republic of) but arrived here in Scotland in the usual amount of time. It had me worried though.

I'm not worried for the Sierra Leone thing much... rather the lack of record on HKP about my registered packages.

4 of them shipped around 20-22 january are still non trackable at HKP. The two from MF shipped the 21 of jaunary are however... and also already deparded from HK.

i made since November 8 orders from KD 6 arrived fast, two with tracknumber left HK at most seven days after the order ,the last two one was shipped today, it has a backorder item and the other left HK today...amazing score given the lousy timing of the others vendors including some much praised here.

Before order the XM-L at KD received two weeks ago I order an overpriced XM-L at LCK hoping arrived faster, with that order also bought 4 Osram diodes total invoice 22 usd with registered mail, that guy took 10 days to ship it , to make it worst sent it unregistered alleging that was under 30 usd despite what state the invoice, to this day it not arrive, for the first time I want to play the paypal card merciless...

Finally arrived today , the supposedly 'unregistered' ( I mailed him and ask about) posted 29/12 became registered with track which left HK 18/1...has stamps , posted 14/1/11

Also received one parcel posted two month ago 24/11, HKP...

And finally today... my 4 registered showed up on hkp tracking... bout time! It also means it should depart before the 10th of february. XD

a related question:

Does this webpage go further than this?, or do i have to use the German website (German Post) from now on? Or do i need to dial the phone number to get tracking info for the itinerary beyond Hongkong airport?

i am unsure about the reach of the above webpage. Anyone knows?

Try www.track-trace.com.

For the UK, the Royal Fail Mail do not track incoming stuff from outside the UK. Like the package that Germany's postal system had no trouble in telling me was in the UK - the UK's system denied it existed even once I picked it up this morning.

Or if they do track it, they refuse to tell anyone at all where it is.

another website to track easily

Thanks Don!

My shipment probably hasnt landed in Germany yet and i am not worried at all about it (HKE). Just for the fun of it would i try to track the incoming registered "letter". I'll be observing both the Hongkong page and the track-trace.com webpage..