Hope this puts an end to it

500 word rant deleted in the interest of forum decorum. Happy New Year!

Edited remaining ill will.

… Are you still here. 50 word rant deleted.

Cute. More of that please! :slight_smile:

Aaaahhh. Peace. And now, some flashlights please…

Serge does make some sweet lights!!!

And links to my favorite mods.
And two

Nice salt and pepper shakers.

Sorry, part of the giveaway now residing on page 12. What would you pay for a similar light. Host was $10, driver $8, LEDs and pcb, $23(xpg R5-3D, best tint imho), battery ~$5.I can do Black, blue, red, grey, silver, camo is more. Other colors i’d have to order. It’s about a days work to make one but I couldn’t sell one for $450 but won’t make them for less than the parts cost.

Eating lite?


NZ - The shalt shaker lights - They look to be made

by Luxrc...Serge

Makes this lil guy as well

Now that is what I call a battery carrier…

Yup, Lux-RC’s stuff is HOT.
That carrier is for 5000+ lumen light which is smaller than SkyRay King, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure the Orbs are machined by Lummi with an integrated driver/triple led by Lux-RC. (And before you get all excited about Lummi, go over to the CPF jeers section and read up.)

No, YOU can trust him.

The rest of the community knows better; he has burned too many customers to salvage any semblance of a reputation.

Meet Mr. Mayhem, what I take when I visit the midgit club :party: