Hoping for a dark night!

Getting a lot of heavy,wet snow in northern MD.Supposed to get worse this afternoon with high winds.Batteries are charged, plenty of kero and the I have the Gen. if I need(want to) use it.Sure hope the power goes out tonight…my new BlackShadow Terminator needs a workout!

Spoken like a true flashaholic.

We have about 3 inches so far

Yes indeed, spoken like a true flashaholic! :) We only got about 6 to 7 inches where I'm at. I know it's worse to the south. My buddy in Hagertucky said they were predicting up to 18inches.


dark night, with no precipitation preferably - i need to take beamshots!

Still nothing but rain in my area. I wish we'd get just one snowfall this season with some substantial amount on the ground. The last few years we haven't had more than 6 inches at any one time and even that is few and far between. All around us the snow is falling but not here. I'm tired of 1-3 inches of snow. All it does is make a mess for a day.

“When there is darkness, there shall be light!”

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”

ive got a half dozen 18650s on the charger now… my eneloops are still charged from a few weeks ago… getting windy here!

Damn!This storm was like married sex.Get your hopes up for something great, then the same old let-down!Started out great this morning, now nothingI think my wife saw this!

you need to add alcohol then!…. to the lack of stormy night that is J)