Host for 501/502 and diving


We are looking after a host or a flashlight in whom we can change 501/ 502 module. Kaidomain have cheap UV-light modules and we want to try to see if we gor anything in our dark and cold Nordic waters with bioluminiscence. We find the cheap chinese yellow torches from several manufacturers but want a bit better host for the new module.

Thanks for suggestions!

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You would be looking for a p60 host if the modules look like this (just a random link for a pic reference, know nothing about that store)

I did a quick search for p60 dive light, but nothing showed up. May be able to find something to make it work. I am not sure if they make one, but a twist on/off light is what I would look for, and then make sure all of the orings make a good seal and lube the orings good.

We dont find any p60-hosts, neither any diving torches with this module. Hope anyone knows…


Here is a thread about a cheap plastic host.

I tried a cheap 16-LED UV light some time ago and it was not showing anything new under water (at day; until it died from not being waterproof). Wrong wavelength, not enough power.
For my next dive trip I would get a host like this and mount all the LEDs I want to get more power and a better choice of wavelengths.