How a flashlight being made is created.with no imagination.

I have no imagination what so ever. Mechanically if I see something that has been made I can sometimes see ways to improve it or if what I see does not work I can usually make it work. Electronics have me really lost. I understand the basics on how some things work like voltage, current, and what diodes, capacitors and transistors do but cannot work out a simple circuit diagram let alone design one. I rely so much on information here to make a flashlight (torch in Aus). For me to build a light this is what I have to do. I draw the light out with all its components and the materials I have at hand. As a rule measurements are really tight as I use like others with what I have at hand. I hope as others have done for me, this inspire others to expand the imagination and create things they did not think possible. Match, JohnnyMac, Old-Lumens, recently scaru and lots of others, thanks for my lights I have made and will be made in the future.

As you can tell pencils and graph paper rule. I gave up trying to design on the pc.

Im not into building my own lights, but sometimes I sketch designs of hosts and reflectors just to pass the time.
I try to fuse aesthetics with functionality.
Maybe one day I will post them up for manufacturers to (hopefully) copy. :slight_smile:

Ha! Pen and paper is a step up from me, I just kinda make it up as I go along.... I should take a queue from you though and start writing things down, for it would make repeats a lot easier :)

I love the use of pen and paper, I have learned to use quite some Office and Adobe computer programs for making graphs and drawings for official use , but in many ways pen and paper is always best: you get going in an instant and you can add little remarks or even funny drawings.

Thanks Match, rub it in, Quote ''I just make things''.

djozz. I'm as good at using programs as i am at knowing how circuits work. With a pencil and paper with me an eraser is a must.

I suppose I should start thinking about my 2000 post giveaway as the 1000 has nearly gone. I'm still looking for that elusive .9 to 4.2 volt 3 mode perfect driver. Cheers and have a safe and not to merry (tipsy) Xmas.

Sounds like a true engineer, Laughing

Really, you do have imagination. The lights I have seen are unique and they wouldn't be that way if you had no imagination. As a general rule, we tend to belittle our own abilities in front of others, but you have shown talent already...

and I expect a hell of a lot more from you now that I know you can make drawings.Tongue Out

Since I don't make lights, I don't do many drawings. The stuff I do can be thought up and then applied, since it's mostly cosmetic. I do measure, but I do a lot of "by eye" stuff too. That's why nothing is ever exactly centered with my stuff, LOL.

As far as electronics, I PM other guys and pester them on what to do and how it works. I don't know much myself. It all comes from what others tell me. I see more people seem to be trying out modding and making things themselves and I am thankful that we have guys like you and the others you mentioned + several more around here, that take the time to show what they do. As I have learned, most of it has been done already in one way or another, but each person's personal touch makes it unique each time.

Thanks Old-Lumens. You haven't put much pressure on me have you. Thanks. I need that driver mentioned above or at least a 3 mode AA driver. Any ideas?

I'm sure glad I have helped inspire you in some little way because you sure as heck inspire me with every one of your magnificent creations. Your lights are anything but unimaginative! Don't confuse excellent mechanical execution wiht a lack of imagination. It takes great imagination to come up with a well engineered tool and your lights are fine examples of well thought out, simple yet functional and elegant in their simplicity.

For some of us to modify an already engineered and manufactured light takes only a fraction of the imagination needed to produce a functional work of art from some old handlebars and bits and bobs. To me, you and Match are artists in the most literal sense of the word. Stand proud. You deserve to!

Wow… You guys make me feel bad…. some use NOTHING… some use pencil & paper…. some use computer….


I do a lot in the computer… It is faster for me and I can change designs really quick. Sometimes, if I am going to use the CNC, then I have no choice of course but the computer. …

The CAD is easy once you get the idea…. I start with something like this…. then use revolve. That spins the lines around the circles at both ends of the light. Many times like the red light… it’s just to get a design idea… then I can add or change it as I go… OR… as many times at the machine.

That creates this. This one is just to get the idea going…. then I adlib at the lathe and screw it all up!!! |(

Then sometimes as I said… like on this tube…. no way I can do this by hand… my name ain’t Justin! :slight_smile:
The stars and tube are all one piece of metal. No soldering… just chips.

I won’t show any pencil drawings… they are embarrasing!!! Dan.

That is so cool TexasLumens. That's gotta make things a lot simpler. I have just noticed you have a new flashlight in your avatar. It looks strangely familiar for some reason? I think its terrific that we can draw inspiration from each other and explore different things that we may not really be comfortable with even though if we walked past each other in the street, unless it was Old-lumens you would not know that person from a bar of soap. May more people read about others experience's on sb's forum and enjoy this funny little world we live in.

Edit. Wow, I just grew a star.

Ha! Yeah, after I purchased Justin’s Woody I thought I would just use my collection of his lights for the avitar. I own a few lights…make some…but I like his the best of all!!

The CAD does make it simpler. Where it really works out is when you have finally drawn 10 heads, 10 bodies and 10 tail caps, you can mix and play with them until you get a look or a feel that you want for a light. In reality, you may not be able to screw them together but on the screen they work fine! :wink: Then during the build you can make the needed adjustments to the size. Its all FUN! WORK… but FUN! Dan.