How a Zippo Armor lighter should have been made

Yes, i recognize that!
I have an official zippo with my name engraved somewhere on the attic, which should be around 20 years old now. Quit smoking for 15 years :sunglasses:

Very cool, liking the plasma lighters a lot! Might have to get one, dont smoke but who cares…………….i have candles i light every night :slight_smile:

Have a few zippos(about 5 knocking about, some with the blue flame insert as i got fed up with the fuel evaporating), camo, stainless etc versions and a few jet lighters. One of those arc lighters would do nicely for me though………

I would recommend that you go for Tesla Coil Arc Lighter. Though Saberlight Sarq is also a good one but not beginners friendly.

I recently discovered your thread here. I do smoke and have had so many Zippos over the years including the so called heavy duty ones and like you, the weak link is always the hinge, lid misalignment and the fluid drying out too quickly.

These Zorro War Armors look like an end to all that and I couldn’t help myself and ordered a silver one. They claim it’s solid copper with a chrome plate. Mirror polished on the edges and a nice matte finish on the rest.

Anyway, thanks much for the “head’s up” and can’t wait to check it out!

Yeah these are great, zippo doesn’t even compare in ruggedness.
The titanium version with the ti fuel tank is the best lighter I’ve ever had, some think it’s silly spending like £130 on a lighter but here it is after being carried every day for about three years in a pocket along with keys etc and roughly 35,000 uses. Only the tritium vials I put in broke so had to take them out.

I came across this deal today and remembered CRX’s thread. Thought this might interest someone who likes Arc lighters.

I get spam, pop ups & redirects when I click the link

Link takes me right to it. :open_mouth:

The coupon link wants me to log in with fakebook or google+. I don’t do either one.

You don’t have to log in with either, just below that where it says “OR” use your email and create a password and sign up to be a vipon member.
I used a secondary email instead of my main email so that my main email doesn’t receive the advertisements.

Thanks! I have a few email addresses. One of them I use for this purpose.

They have several 50% coupons for lighters on amazon there. Do a search on vipon for lighters.

Thanks for the coupon code. I just ordered that plasma lighter for $7.33 shipped.

I forgot to mention that the coupon brings the price from $16.99 down to $8.33. There’s a box you check in Amazon to get an additional $1 off.

BTW, I’ve never smoked cigarettes or cigars. I just like lighters.


Nah, they alternate. One zap is ‘\’, the next is ‘/’. Rinse, repeat very very fast.

Fwiw, I got a few of these, which seem quite nice.

The finish can scuff if you beat on it (pants pocket with keys, change, etc.), but at least out of the box, they look quite nice.

Functionally perfect, no glitches so far.

Of course…

Got my Arc lighter today. It’s got a bad battery. It take about 5 minutes to charge and only lasts around 6 two second uses. It’s going back to Amazon tomorrow.

I ordered this one. I’ll have it Friday


Looks good :+1:

I hope it’s good :slight_smile: