How a Zippo Armor lighter should have been made

Hi is the tank you bought for your titanium lighter still available elsewhere it seems to be sold out on the link you gave.


I have searched but could not find another.

It is good. Charge lasts a long time and the build quality is very good. I bought a second one as a spare.

Cool :+1:

Thanks for the quick reply any alternatives?

I got stuck down this rabbit hole after getting a pack of Zorro pads that hold down the cotton wading for my Zippo.

First discovered their outside hinge trick lighter then the armour and am very tempted to get.

Have a good night/morning.


There’s these tanks

Those tanks seem to be all that’s available right now :frowning:

What were the complaints, bad flow/ flame, leaking?

Pretty much seems to evaporate at same time as regular wadding.

I may get one and see. £19 and change isn’t expensive from Japan. Surprised there aren’t more options from China.

I have done some more research and the general feeling is its a good tank and doesn’t evaporate if you fill to the max to let air bubbles escape so I have ordered one. Thanks for the help CRX.

How long did your titanium lighter take to arrive, I am in Wales. I am thinking about ordering when my bank a/c is better filled. :smiley:

Edit - Ordered the lighter I couldn’t resist it.

Thought about trying one of those out…are those lighters still holding up for you? Good battery life?

Yes they work much better when the air is replaced with fuel :wink:
Looks like it will require some experimentation to get the flow just right.

Shipping took only around eight months I think :laughing:
No, prob around three weeks or so.

What model did you order?

I hardly ever use ’em (don’t smoke), but they hold their charge quite well. Never had to recharge it yet, and it still fizzes out a good spark.

I was gonna say, my heart dropped when I heard 8 months. Ha! you got me there.

I ordered the titanium one you linked to in the first post in this thread.

Same as mine, copycat huh :smiley:
Nice choice, I think you’ll like it :+1:

You will get some extra o-rings with it but will need more eventually, so 0.5mm watch gaskets work with these, can’t remember what size exactly but I bought a multipack with various sizes in it to keep me going.
Keep the seal clean with a very very light smear of silicone grease on it too.
Also I use extra long swan flints.

Yeah you caught me, I debated in my head for going with the Zorro with the same design but the thought why not! I found all the other titanium made ones a bit gordy and yours the best option. Plus you were the guinea pig.

Flints are not a problem teaming with them around the place, Zippo, Clipper, Ronson, generic.

I keep my lighter on me as more a just if need be I am not a smoker, I am hoping it fits in my current leather belt holder thingy my current Zippos in but I am just sick of refilling it every two weeks.

It seems the Chinese are into their lighters, I am surprised the tanks haven’t taken off out there.

Now the wait begins.

Man, what a journey it’s been trying to get one of these Zorro War Armor lighters! I wanted one of the silver ones. I went to the site Steve linked to in his original post but they were out of them. I found one in another AE store and ordered it.

I won’t go into detail here but after 2 1/2 months, I put in a dispute and got my money refunded. I checked the site where Steve got his again and they had the silver, (chrome), back in stock. I ordered it.

Well, here we go again! About 2 weeks after I paid, they finally listed it as shipped. Now, almost 3 weeks later, nothing. The tracking number they provided doesn’t exist. I’ve checked every tracking site there is and nothing.

If I ever receive this elusive lighter, it’ll be a miracle!

I grabbed one from Page Not Found - and it took about 3 1/2 weeks to arrive in Oregon. Came in today. Looks and works great.

That’s the exact same AE store I ordered it from this second time around. Still nothing. Glad you had good luck!

Yeah Steve, maybe third time’s the charm! :rage: :smiley:

Just wondering Masejoer, did they provide you with a functioning tracking number after you purchased it? Thanks.