How about a compact thrower for the next BLF Special Edition?

I’ve been pushing for an 18650 HD2010 for a while now, maybe even an 14500 HD2010. Oh well… Maybe Old-Lumens will do a run while he’s practicing…

For the record, a de-domed XP-G2 in an EE X6 does 103Kcd when pushed hard. :wink:

Does this count? I don’t have a HD2010 to compare. I don’t like the tailcap threads and would prefer square cut. A bigger pill for 20mm MCPCB. They are a manufacturer and should be able to make the changes we require. If they don’t want to do what we require, we’ll just go to a manufacturer who will. COUGH Manker COUGH.

I would like a pocket thrower, but only if it does 250+kcd (I already own a Olight MX3S-UT Javelot).

I would love a BLF high performance pocket thrower. Despite what they way, size does matter. I know a thrower is not really that pocket friendly, but a single cell, reasonable size light is something I would jump into another group buy for. I like Dale’s idea of a 18650 HD 2010, driven hard, maybe even with an aspheric lens, if that would help the throw. I just don’t know if anyone wants to get another project like this going right now. As we can tell from the A6 group buy, these things take a lot of time and effort on the part of those organizing them.

I like the one in the OP too. The size looks great. I wonder what kind of throw numbers we could all agree on for something like this, because smaller size is going to (probably) reduce the maximum throw somewhat.

I have been intrigued with this thread->$10.34 pocket thrower.
It is truly a pocket light.

I have no idea how I missed that light Jubeldum, that’s perfect for a thrower seems to me like.

Now, if we could get it scaled down to a 14500 cell….

One like this?

I don’t quite get the desire for 14500 in a big headed flashlight. Super low capacity, lower output, and worse performance. Kinda neat as a unique shelf light, but I don’t see it as being really useful.

It’s pocket sure, but not really what I would consider a ‘thrower’. Basically just a tube light with okay build quality/output/performance.

I’m over 14500 lights too, for the most part.

Maybe Manker can help us out again with a thrower. Make it 18650 though.

I doubt that you would find a “pocket thrower”, that would do what that light does. General rule of thumb is the larger the reflector OD, the better the lux numbers will be. Sort of why most all reflector throwers have big reflectors?

I also don't see how a large reflector light would ever fit into a pocket. Sort of like stuffing a grapefruit in there, Makes people notice, but not very much fun walking around with it.

More pictures with popular lights. Don’t think you will find another light this small with such a large reflector.
Left to right, Convoy C8, Eagle Eye X6, Shadow, HD2010

Order reversed.

+1 for at least the southland version or even better a 26650 version…or a 3p/4p one… I need a BLF thrower I do not need the “pocket” version. As I do not need to go from the 300 m throw of a c8 to another 350 m throw of another customized little light… It should go further… A lot further

The inside diameter of the reflector, HD2010 52mm, Shadow 54.5mm. HD2010 reflector looks to be about 2mm deeper. Shadow has a larger diameter flat spot at the bottom of the reflector, maybe 2 to 3mm larger. Because of the larger flat spot, the Shadow has a bigger hot spot but less throw.

the size of the flat bit at the bottom has nothing to do with throw, throw is a result from reflector diameter and reflector quality. (and the depth of the reflector influences spot vs spill diameter, and not throw)

I’m with you, Bo!

But, we have another thread for that.

Just for pocket use, I think that something along the lines of a 501b with a XP-L HI would be handy as all getout, but of course that would Not satisfy my lust for a Real Thrower, but perhaps something along the lines of a BLF SE Courui D01 with XP-L HI would.

No offence intended at all, but the pocket thrower proposed by the OP is neither fish nor fowl (to me). - It’s both too Big and too small. - Too big for my pocket, and too small for my lust:-)


The larger flat spot has nothing to do with hot spot size. Sure seems that way to me.

As I was thinking, it will be tough to agree on this one. If the one in the OP is smaller than the HD 2010, but still throws brighter, with a bigger spot than say, a Jacob A60, I’d be in. Am I dreaming?