How about a compact thrower for the next BLF Special Edition?

2p 18650!

I think we need more nice dual parallel (side by side) 18650 lights.

Forgot about that light, compact for such a large reflector.

It would solve some amp-problems and give runtime :-) . But make it prettier than that Small Sun ZY-something: I liked everything about it, but it is ugly.

Yes! Too ugly. Plus cheap looking anodizing.

I think I’d also prefer a 26650 version, both for better proportions and longer use-time. The latter is an important spec to me. Specs should focus on maximum throw; that’s the appeal here. I don’t need another ‘all purpose compromise’ light. I also want high-quality machining (square threads, not over-buffed) with good heat-sinking for longer run-time. BLF logo a must to visually set this apart from the similar more mundane lights your buddies may have 8)

I can understand those who want an 18650 version, so here’s an idea- make the head 26650 sized and offer two battery tube sizes or have it come with both as a set. I prefer the former to keep things ‘budget’. No thoughts on specific hardware; I’m still too new to help there but I trust it will be excellent whatever is chosen. Modes unimportant; a thrower is meant to throw and nothing else is needed for me. Can this happen @~ $50? I’d go that for but as always cheaper is better!


Define “pocket”, pants, jacket, ranch, etc. a pants pocket thrower would need to be an aspheric tube light to be a thrower and pocketable. A jacket pocket thrower might be up to a 50-60mm head. Anything bigger is a pocket ranch.

It all relative.

I would dearly like to have a 501b “pocket thrower” with XP-L HI, but I don’t have any modding skills.

On the other hand I would also like a 3x18650 BLF Big Head Thrower!

Can’t I have both, Please?


I would be in for one, depending upon the price. I like the 18650 body… I already have a HD2010 so the 26650 form wouldn’t be as appealing to me.

Here are 2 XP-L High drop ins, only $11.99 each
3 mode

5 mode


I changed the title to “compact thrower”, this light is a little big for pants pocket but is OK for a jacket pocket.

Screw a compact. Let’s have a Courui on steroids. Bigger refector, better pill, 6 cell 2S3P battery tube with tail switch for lockout.

2S can come in handy for high vf upgrades or if you wanted to go OP reflector and XHP50.

Could you be me, posting with another name?

No need for anything Wimpy here - This is the BLF!

Let’s Do It!



Thanks for the Links, Keith!

I never thought of that!

Nice of you to send me that one MRsDNF, hope you put some knurling on the tube first. :wink: I’ll be sure and give it a good workout, very thoughtful of you.

Perfect! Love the style, the size, perfect.

Sorry Dale. l gave it away along time ago.

Along with surface brightness of the emitter. I wish this was posted right on the main page, right under the logo, where everyone had to see it every day.

So many people want so many different things in a "thrower", that I think it is the #1 most controversial subject in the flashlight world.

Also, I think the whole idea, which is based on the fact that throw distance is measured out to .025 lux, is a waste of time and very misleading. To me, that is a worthless figure, since it is just calculated on paper and not actually measured and for the fact that no one can actually use .25 lux at 500 meters, or 1000 meters, or more. It is a ridiculous figure to me. Tell me how bright I need to be, to illuminate a person at one mile, bright enough to be able to, (with binoculars or scope, of course), tell what color hair, eyes, clothes, etc. Bright enough to make that person realize a light is shining on them and I will believe it is a halfway decent thrower. Too many different ideas of what a thrower is and too much misleading information when .25 lux is used. Using the standard, the Olight MX3S-UT Javelot probably only throws, (what I consider bright enough), about 400 or 500 meters, compares to ANSI standard of 1000 meters.

Sorry for ranting, again.

Back to the subject, no I would rather see a "BLF thrower" with a SBT 70 led, a 90mm or larger reflector and a body similar to a SRK, that held four or more parallel cells, for better run time. Of course, that would bee too expensive, to be considered "budget", so....

So you’re a one lux kind of guy then. I tell guys that are using lights to shoot to do the same thing, get a light rated at least 2x the distance you plan to shoot at.

I always dig the appearance of SHADOW JM26. If we can try to make it even a little smaller and shorter, it may fit the bill. And of course with nice UI, fast PWM and brutal power. The brownish color is pretty too.

Not trying to hi-jack thread, just must report that the amp draw on the 5 mode drop in received yesterday is only 1.22 amps on high :frowning:
Tried all forms of batteries.
Now notice that Kaidomain does not list amperage in description, but 1.22 amps? Come on man!
Will try to get driver out at another date to see if it can be modded easy.
Does have nice beam, just need it brighter.