How about a compact thrower for the next BLF Special Edition?

Thanks for the update, Keith!

This Fandyfire SP-02 reminds me of the Shadow at the top of the page.
Shown in shorty mode, comes with extra tube. Best factory reflector on a budget light that I have ever seen.
Does come with a clip like on the SP01 shown.

With some friends



That fandyfire does look pretty good, but I still prefer the one on the op better due to the side switch

What would it look like? Stupid. :expressionless:

A wide and deep reflector is for one emitter only, not for triples. Triples need a triple optic, not one wide deep reflector.

Sad but true.

The beam on my JM26 sucks! The battery tube is flat bottomed with just a steel spring in it. I soldered a copper washer to it, then braided the spring, pressed it in to the bottom. Added 6 more 7135’s for a total of 14 .380’s 5.32amps, also added a copper heatsink with Artic5 epoxy to the 7135’s. Removed the nylon and brass pin positive post, added a braided spring to the driver. 20awg wires to the led. The reflector is on the Noctigon 32mm XPG/XPL board with a 5000k XPL-HI, it’s bright, but the beam is real ringy? Put a UCLp in front of it and the rings became even more pronounced!!! F’it I stippled the reflector with Hi Temp Clear, and now it won’t get thrown against a brick wall, well for now! Too bad the light is built well, the driver and the UI suck, and I guess the reflector too? But what the hey, I got it for a $11.00 bucks shipped?

If I really want a good mix of throw and spill in a true ‘pocket package’ a UF501A body plus an IMR 18350 with a very well driven XML Hi drop-in plus a decent copper shim around it for good heat transfer, seems to me the best and cheapest compromise. A decent 501A de-anodised always looks far better than when its in the black. Its always annoyed me that you can get 501B’s in every damn color or camouflage but you can’t get a 501A in anything but black. Who designed it, Henry Ford?

The UranusFire 818 kinda fits in your pocket. It throws better than a C8. Has a side e-switch and tail switch. Don’t know if its 26mm unknown FET (IC markings ground off) driver can be resister modded but a 26mm version of the BLF driver would be nice.

It actually is a good light but the UranusFire name isn’t very popular here. A BudgetLightForum BLF-818 Special Edition would be nice name.

I like it! You should do a review of it! Like to see a complete tear down, you take great pic’s!!! Note: I tried to order 10 - No price break? Any coupons to be had?

KD has a “BLF” coupon code.

Thanks jubledum, got one to try out! J)

Sign me up for the BLF budget thrower list. Thanks

What about Odepro B58U?

It has got a nice reflector. An overdriven XPL HI or XPG2 would run fine.

I’ve discussed about making a BLF thrower with Rey before using the Trustfire X7. It has good price point (price is negotiable especially with high quantity), BIG reflector, taking multiple batteries and fairly good looking.

I know some people do not like multiple lithium batteries in series, and this is probably the Courui D01 is favoured. But the good thing about 3 batteries in series is that the current regulation is very good and constant, which mean that the maximum light output can be maintained until all the batteries are almost empty.

The X7 reflector is also slightly larger than the Courui D01 if I am not mistaken, meaning that it has the potential to hit 450kcd if not more. So with a good buck driver you can enjoy 450kcd as long as you want until the batteries are fully depleted without having the voltage sag.

The X7 can probably can be mounted on a rifle… well, I’m not a hunter so I’m not very sure on this one, but based on its body tube diameter I guess it can. The Courui D01 however is not quite possible.

Yes the Trustfire X7 is very big and long, but when it comes to a thrower (especially something which is capable of producing 350kcd and above) I don’t expect it to be pocketable, instead I want better current regulation and constant output. With a single 18650 supplying 6A to a single XP-L HI, how long would you expect it to stay there? A couple minutes maybe?