How are Axis locks on Chinese knives...(or any knife)

How do you like the axis lock is it really sturdy? Ive only had one axis lock knife and was wobbly so it turned me off the entire axis lock general do they lock as tight as a liner lock or a lock back? Is it even safe it all it uses is are a pair of springs?

I have a Delica/Buck110, those are super tight as lockbacks...and my SRM710 family with frame locks are 100% tight too. But not much experience with the axis...

Just wondering because I really like the looks of this knife and might want to get it.


Pic from the member here: isti242

All my SRM/Land and Bee/Enlan axis locks have been nothing less than perfectly tight and of great quality. The Ganzo G704's Ive bought are sloppy and the overall construction isnt nearly as good as the others Ive just mentioned.

Thx, Id like to order the one in the pic since I like the colors and dont have any knives with those carved out type scales...youre right the Ganzo 704 is pretty lame. It looks nice closed, or open if you dont touch it and just look at it - thats about it.

Thanks for reminding me. I just ordered the EL04 & EL05. Both are fairly new in the lineup.

I bought my very first axis lock knife just recently, SRM6261.

I bought it because i had a feeling, that axis locks are less wobbly and at least my knife is. It does not wobble back and forth at all when locked, yet very easy and light function. Can be flipped to open / close with ease.

Releasing axis takes a bit pinching on index finger and thumb but its a matter of practice and proper way to grip.

Yes, I am really pleased :D

I like axis lock knives, I only have 2 but both work fine.

I love my ganzo. Things are tight and the lock opens and closes smoothly.

The locking mechanism on my enlans (EL-02 and EL-02B) have been wy TOO tight. Its a pain after multiple lockings and unlockings. I did notice that one of the locks that I play with more often seems to be getting a little easier but I still prefer the ganzo.

Blade wise I prefer the Enlans. I like how they stay fairly thick throughout the blade unlike the G704 which gets real thin towards the tip. It seems like the Enlans can will stand up to a little more abuse

My Ganzo G704 is great. Flawless finish and build as nice or better than my SRM 962. In general I love the axis locks.

There are good and not-so-good implementations of the axis lock. The SRM 763 is a very good one. The Ganzo 704 version with 3.5mm blade and smaller studs has some vertical play but the more recent version with 4.0mm blade and 5mm studs is quite solid. But both of these have good spring tension, unlike the Enlan EL02 which has a rather stiff spring.

I have an EL-02, and the spring stiffness on the lock is extreme, plus the thumb stud is cut in such a way that it actually cuts into your skin. Of course this is a big burly knife, but the tension doesn't have to be that strong. Below are pics of the EL-02 and the Mini-Griptilian for comparison.

Mini Griptilian


My Ganzo 704 is the new production model and is a solid and tight as a rock.

It seems slightly more technical to do the axis than just frame lock, so it's not surprising if the results from budget side is less consistent.

I have the same problem as some above where the mechanism is too tight and not fun to use at all one handed (easier but still unpleasant w/ two). I mean, these are really simple things, and it's somewhat annoying they can get even this wrong.

I am not too impressed with axis locks either... my EL02 and SRM 962 are both fiddly to use and require both - index finger and thumb to close the knife. Functional and save, but not fun to play around with. ;-)

I'm not even sure about the safe part. The spring inside my 962 looks a bit suspect. The finish on it is what you'd usually see inside budget lights. Pretty nice looking on the exterior, though.

I have examined the Axis Locks of two SRM knives in comparison with my Mini Griptilian. On all the knives, as the blade is opened the lock pin is pushed against a rounded portion of the blade. When the blade is fully open the locking pin falls off the rounded blade and is pushed down against the straight segment by the locking spring as if falling off a cliff, thereby preventing the blade from closing. On the Mini Griptilian the pin falls about a tenth of an inch onto the flat portion of the blade, and retraction is very unlikely. On both the SRM knives the pin falls about 1/4 the distance it does on the Griptilian. This to my mind makes the SRM knives much more likely to fail and allow the blade to close when force is put against the back or tip of the blade. I am going to rework both of them to allow the pin to seat deeper against the blade. The tiny bit the SRM knives engage doesn't seem as safe to me as the Benchmade. If you are watching this forum SRM, please take note of this comment and change your Axis lock to more fully engage when the blade is open.

I love the Axis lock on my EDC , the Sanrenmu 763 . I have removed the thumbstuds and open and close it with a flick of the wrist . Several times a day . For no reason . It's just fun .


That's not really a good idea. That distance is a good thing - it allows wear between the knife tang and locking pin to happen over time, and it will keep the blade from showing any play as the knife is used.

Axis locks are unlikely to fail because the force against the lock is perpendicular to the direction of the pin travel. The pin travels horizontally, and the closing force it's guarding against goes vertically. If an Axis lock is done well, it'll last a long time. I've been using my SRM 763 for close to 7 months regularly now and it's never once failed or closed on me. The opening isn't as smooth as my Benchmade Axis knives, but at one 8th the cost, I don't expect it to be either.

The lock is engaging by less than 1mm. I see my mini grip, which is also new, engaging 4 times deeper. This should be the start of it's run. Yes, I agree you must maintain room to grow as it ages,but the lock isn't even engaged by 1/2 the diameter of the pin. It is just too shallow.

I find my el-02 has a little play in the blade when open..mostly up down play..we're talking paper width play here not a big deal but it srm 763 is tight no play at all..el-01 is tight also no play at all but it is a liner lock..

I always figured I could baton my EL-02 .

Talk about a thick blade .