How bright do you want your flashlight to be?

Being able to melt steel would be a good place to start. This thing only works during the day. I'm going to need a bigger reflector and a much brighter emitter and a hell of a battery.

Believe it or not, with a freshnel lens off an old projection TV, you can melt steel with sunlight

Crazy hot!

Take it to the, take it to the, take it to the limit :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, we have the lenses figured out. Any ideas for a host and emitter?


:weary: <——— melting

I have a pair of pants with 3 little holes in a triangle shape on one leg, from one of these stupid 7.5 amp XPG2 triples...

lucky you it was not a handgun!!!

You can’t say that and then NOT provide a link to where someone could purchase such a light :wink:

Archimedes’s death ray?

needs moa’ powa.

In all seriousness, unless a light is designated as a hotrod, I go with more conservative powers.

This driver in this little light.

Gotta hear the story behind that :smiley:

Trying to mount a light on your leg?

augh augh augh

we need 1.21 Giggalumens !