How can I calibrate voltage check on MF01S?

If I click 3 times, the voltage readout says 4.1V on my MF01S when it reality it is 3.8V. It is way off and I was wondering it there is a way to calibrate it to be more accurate in anduril?

My other anduril flashlights are pretty close, between .1v, but not on my mf01s.

I have the same issue with one of my Anduril lights. It reads 4.4V when the cell is at 4.15V. I hope someone can help…

This is for using R1=360K, R2=47K
#ifndef ADC_44
#define ADC_44 239
#ifndef ADC_22
#define ADC_22 121

if its too high solder like 470-2200kOhm on top of R2
too low 2.2-10M ohm on R1

or as described change the ADC values flashing

Both methods seem a little complicated. I will do more testing and if it still reads .3v difference no matter what the voltage really is, then I can just remember that when checking. If it still reads only .3v when real voltage drops down more, then I guess I have a faulty mf01s then.

Its no fault the MCU compares the voltage divider to an internal reference
The reference has as well with the temperature sensor some variation from MCU to MCU