How did i miss this ??

Somebody call Goinggear and ask them to get on BLF ..We need a few deals >!!

I didn’t see any deals that I would consider worth the risk. These are used, broken, returned or defective lights. The Fenix E15 for example is $25.00. You can get a brand new one at Amazon for $25.95 delivered. It’s worth the extra $0.95 to get a new light that isn’t a returned item. They should give a 50% discount for these lights.

Thought the jetbeam rrt3 was a good buy till i read comndition is( 3) beat up…

I got a Pd30 r2 and a PD20 q5 for $25 each, worth it for the nicer beam with the OP reflector. The xpg r5 had a donut hole in the beam. They are in great shape, and I love em

I saw that yesterday, was sorta tempted by a few things.

I had an Eagletac T20C2 from them this week, an S2 version for $45. I thought it was a bargain. It really was for the price but the arrived light seems to have had its drop in Loctite’ed. And the clip was missing. No problems with the light, but they aren’t as complete as I thought.

Surprised the 2 TK70 haven't sold already for $150 each.