How did you find BudgetLightForum?

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"Other" for me. In my case, I made the site.

It got to the point on the other place that for me the only thread worth looking at was Jay's one on budget lights which suffered from really heavy-handed moderation and all sorts of random suff getting dropped in there - not to mention the movement to and fro from General Flashlight to LED and back and forth again.

When Jay set up I went immediately there. I really can't remember if it was your posting in admin in the other place or the related links from Jay's site that brought me here first. I voted for related sites link, but it may have been from the other place - can't remember much about what I did (other than post) at the weekend, let alone what I did nearly 3 months ago...

Yes, has been very helpful too, and Jay is a great guy.

I followed the link you posted in the Suggestions thread at CPF, before they actually made their own subforum. :)

Enjoy your stay here.

Jayki is a great place - and Jay's a great guy. Amazing amount of work he did on budget lights. Latterly his was the only thread I bothered to read in the other place.

Saw Mr. Admins posting and clicked on his sig.......sure glad i did.Wink

Saw Al's sig over on CPF and clicked it...glad I found this place.

Saw a link on CPF. Have absolutly never regretted that I followed it.

Thanks you guys! Interestingly, the search engines have been very poor performers so far. I'm still trying to figure out how to get them to include ALL of the wonderful reviews and posts that you guys are submitting. Still partial indexes at best.

Just as long as something comes up that leads to the site, much better then nothing coming up.

Link on FNF..

Another good place to hang out. Recommended.

Yup..i mostly been a lurker there due to one guy..Lambda..been a fan of his work. Wonder why he is no more on CPF?

His new creation the VaraPower SST-90 Mag is awesome but i'm waiting for the Varalite..well not budget stuff i guess..

And since i forgot before, Welcome to Budgetlight!!!

Enjoy your stay!

Someone mentioned a forum post in DealExtreme (about a review)

That was me. ;-) Welcome Nil Einne to BLF!

Greetings Nil Einne!

You are very welcome here.

Welcome to the site.......