How do I check which torch accept this 28mm lens?

Wanted to buy this 28mm convex for burning.

I wanted to use a WF-501B, but to my surprise a fellow BLF told me that this is 26.5mm in diameter.

I know a C1 will work but I just want to find a host that accept 3xCR123A and put a 14V xenon torch to it to enhance the burning power


Here am I again! 3x CR123 can’t fit in WF-501B unless there is a extend tube. I tried 2x CR123 in it and it is about 1 or 2mm longer but it really do not affect the light. Make sure the total voltage of batteries is not higher that the max working voltage of your bulb. I just killed 2 bulb using 2x 16340 batteries(1x 9v xenon bulb, I guess KD sent me the wrong bulb, it do not same with the picture is displayed and 1x XML T6 drop in, max voltage is 4.2 but I run it using 2x 3.7v batteries).

Ya, you are the kind soul who provided me with the info. Haha I think you and I have the same goal, which is to build a powerful burning torch. 16340 has a max voltage of 4.2*2=8.4V, and I do not understand how you killed 9v xenon with two batteries. Anyway, why not get a 14V xenon (

I trying to figure out which host can accept 3x 16340 or CR123A and has a 28mm diameter so to put the convex lens and 14v xenon

Since we know that 9v can burn stuff, why we still need 14v as it require more batteries to reach max voltage? I asked the one who originally posted the burner on LPF but he do not reply me. May be the post is old(about few years ago).

I just hope the lens can fit into the C1. I have the same idea with u before, use WF-501B as the host. So that now I have one empty body leaving there…

In conclusion, WF-501B can’t fit the lens is the major problem. I wonder why many people said that it can be fit. So now I am waiting for my parts. May be I can get it right after the Chinese New Year!

To make sure it burn. The video uses crushed paper and it does not look like the normal 80g paper.

Strange convex lens only come in certain diameter. I just thinking there should be other diameter

I think 9v is enough for burning. Just heat it up and some dark object to try, since the dark surface absorb heat.
There are other diameter, I founf one on KD with 27.7mm. I guess I also found 30mm but there is no 26.5mm.
Check thus one, the guy named Dimbo may helps you. He helps me in identifying the lens. Since I can’t get a lens for WF-501B(without grinding, I have no tool and do not know how), so I ordered the C1. Just hope this will be a JACKPOT!

I have
this lens from DX, it is specified as 28mm, it fits my solarforce l2p light, should also fit l2m.
You can purchase solarforce l2m and additional extension tube to make it 3xcr123 light.

I have ultrafire 501 but its lens is screwed with a steel holder. I do not have tools to turn and remove it.

The light I made focuses well, with 6V xenon and a 18650 battery. 14V xenon will be very powerfull.
I have tested it on my skin and it gets too hot in about 10-20 seconds.

but i already order the c1 and it is on its way. is it just fit nicely without any grinding or modifying job? i hope my c1 have no problem with the lens.

C1 sure can work as it was written on the op post.

Actually if you are able to find 25 or 26mm it still will work with a small piece of rubber

This site sells a lot of lens