How do i delete a forum topic?

Anyone know how to delete a forum topic is it even possible? :~

Nope, not possible. Just title it Delete and then members will destroy it with funny pictures. :D What topic?

Oh ok i see, was going to delete all my post.

Why? You can delete individual comments but the threads cannot be deleted. However for threads like your X6 thread just leave it since there are a lot of useful comments.

Why are you going to delete all your posts? You used to be able to delete any thread that you started. I don’t know if you still can.I hope not.

ALL of your posts? Why?

Probably to obfuscate his trail of bad deals


You can PM the admin (sb56637) and he can delete any trace of you ever being here if he sees fit. Sorry to see you go.

when i delete (silly) posts of mine i get scolded beware

Not all of his deals have been bad. I paid 100 dollars for a good condition X6 that had been modded by E1320, I'm pretty happy with that.