How do I delete threads?

I made a mistake and made copies of a thread. How do I delete them? I don’t see a buttom that does that.

Our wonderful Administrator will come along shortly and take care of the matter for you .

easiest way to FIX it is to …EDIT it instead .
.Just remake it into a totally different thread as soon as you realize you’ve made a mistake …
Change the title , change the question and voila
problem solved .

the short answer is you can’t delete a thread ….and having to ask mr admin. to do it for you is unnessesary when you can just
fix it yourself.

You’ve made three mistakes in a short time.

Had a guy on the forum who knew how to ? ; kreisler

He deleted hundreds of posts (and two of his BLF accounts), but not threads. ;)

EDIT: Actually, you can ask BLF members to mark your thread as SPAM, and it will disappear.

But don't do this too often, or else your account will also disappear. :O


I think that years ago we had the ability to delete our own threads.

But that made many BLF members upset, so that ability was taken away.

Some forums allow the OP to delete the thread as long as there are no replies, wonder if that’s possible to implement?

Kreisler, i have no memory of such a person, could such a nut erase itself from our brain cells? :bigsmile:

If you want your thread deleted, just edit the original post to a be called a bump thread. Then post some bump pictures that have clothed females in it. Your post will soon be deleted, problem solved. :smiley:

Let it go, life goes on, nothing great was lost anyways.

… didn’t we end up with a thread with a few hundred pictures of furry squirrels and such that way?
It was right up there with the thread with no title.

Oh, which one was that?

Appears the welcoming antics of past are starting to resume. Mistakes by a member, especially a new one, do not justify the rudeness exhibited in some of the above posts.

Found the no-title thread. Had to view the html to get the link.
Can’t find the squirrel thread, but that might be a figment of my imagination, and/or the wrong forum

No problem, I just deleted the two you marked as “deleted”.