How Do I Remove Q5 LED Bulb Out of My 5 yr. Old Fenix P3D Tactical Flashlight To Replace It?

I don’t see a way to get it out.
It’s not the Q5’s I see for sale now, with the copper coil behind bulb.

The flashlight has fresh CR123 batteries, but won’t work at all.

Can Anyone help me, Please?

Ok, first can you measure the voltage of the batteries? It is very rare for a Fenix to just stop working.

If that is not it then it will get a bit more complicated. ;)

Thank you, scaru
The batteries I just received are dead $#^^&@~!!!
I’ll contact the place I got them from (on-line), and tell them about it.
Maybe that’s why they were so cheap…they were at, or near, their shelf life.
thanks for you prompt response~!!
I really love this little powerful flashlight, and it wasn’t cheap…I want to use it.

Thank you, again~!!

What batteries are they?

Welcome to the forum , daddyseal

The yellow ones here (had 4 1/2 star user rating)…

Thank you…I’m a battery newbie :slight_smile:
But Love my Fenix torch~!

Yeah, I would stay away from those. It is best to go for brand name cells like these. (Which are only a few cents more)



Just as soon as I get my money refunded from those guy…I will!