How do you carry your EDC light?

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Carry mine (Tank 007 E09) on my keychain and love it! It's on my keys so I know I always have it on me!


My EDC is clipped to inside of the pocket but soon (i hope) i'll have my DQG III on my keychain!

I carry my "gold" Mr.Lite AAA deep in my left pocket. My keys (includIng a Fauxton) are in the right pocket, so no scratches!

I am almost always in Carhartt logger/carpenter pants or bibs. So I go with left side leg carry for my EDC light. A two cell cr123a light goes unnoticed there. Most of my shorts have the same pocket setup, so I carry in the same spot during summertime off hours. On the very rare occasion when I wear 5.11 cargos or BDUs I'll make sure I'm using a smaller clip equipped light and carry left front pocket.

I carry always my Tank07 E09 always on my keychain. When a carry a second EDC, Its my zebralight SC600 in my pocket.

Always on my keychain (iTP A3 EOS SS).

I always wear my CQG S1 on a neck lanyard but usually have my Zebralight SC60 clipped inside my right-front pocket and one of my micro mags in a holster clipped to my left belt loop.

my EDC: i carry Tank E09 on my keychain.

sometimes exchanged with LD01 on the keychain. and either always loaded with Protected grey Ultrafire 10440's (+1 washer).

So you EDC 3 lights most of the time? Guess the Micro mag is there when there's a sales opportunity, eh?


iTP A3 R5 upgrade deep inside my pocket, alongside my keychain. (But it's much more convenient to operate the flashlight separate from the keys, so I never attach it to my keychain)

I usually carry this much everyday. lol

2 spare batteries (10440 & 14500) in plastic case and in my pocket.

DQG III R5 attached to my Keychain

iTP A3 EOS upgraded clipped to my small jean pocket

Xeno Xml in my jacket pocket

DRY in my backpack

am i ready for zombie apocalypse..?

I think i said in another thread, I just keep one in my car and I am never far from my car.

My wallet and keys and phone is already more than enough to carry around.

I always keep my EDC lights in my front right pocket. I recently got a tank007 e09 which now resides on my keyring as a backup...

Most all the time, yup. When it’s chilly you will likely find an L2T or something larger in a jacket pocket too. I’m a network guy and we believe in redundancy. I’ve already reached for a light only to find the battery mysteriously drained or not working so it’s good to have a backup.

As for sales opportunities, I can't recall ever taking out my micromag to sell it. Just for wowing my friends and family. It just feels good knowing it's there most of the time and when I do need more light than the S1 or SC60 can provide I am able to whip it out and light up the whole back yard.

Work belt carry EDC with Leatherman. I dont EDC all the lights, just pick one depending on my mood. Quark AA tactical, CCI NDI clone, AkoRay K109, Fenix L1T. ITP AAA and swiss-tech utilikey serve backup.

Shown buttoned up with AkoRay. the phone and keys either go in my pocket or backpack.

Weekend EDC pick one of the fore-mentioned lights, along side a Spyderco dragonfly. Belt carry it all in a camera belt pouch. I usually go with the L1T or AkoRay because they have the least aggressive knurl so they won't scratch up my phone. Of course ITP and UtiliKey on standby for backup.

Call me insane but I carry my DRY on my belt. :) This way when asked what is on my belt I can shine it on the ground in bright sunlight and you still see it.

I keep my Illuminati Al on my keychain, always have my keys so that way I also always have my light.

Well I voted the keychain option, since that's really my only true EDC. During winter months I carry a backup - usually single AA size - in a jacket pocket. Tbh, personally I find pocket clips almost invariably too stiff or too flimsy.

DQG II AAA NW @ keychain... Never ever without a flashlight! Still waiting for my both new toys - DQG III AAA NW and CW.

When bicycling at night - I use to wear my Zebralight H51 at head and take XM-L Solarforce L2 at handlebar holder.