How do you rate the London Olympics Opening Ceremony?

As a Brit I’d be interested in what the ROTW thinks of it. :~

Let you know later - we haven't seen it yet! Plan on watching it with the missus this evening.

Quite impressed here, but then I’m a little biased!

Dish network is not showing it live, apparently will air delayed until 7:30pm USA networks suck big time!

Brit watching from Spain laughed at James Bond taking the Queen to the stadium section brilliant

I'm still wating for it to start.

Starting to air here, will comment when they are done

I’ll have to wait until it hits the internet. I’m proud to say I have not had TV for over 15 years. I refuse to pay to have advertising pumped into my home. Not to mention that almost all of it is crap and lies anyway. TV will lower your IQ. It’s produced for sheep. I have a Sony that I watch movies that I buy or rent when I need an escape from reality. Nobody’s perfect. :slight_smile:

That said, If I did have a TV feed, I would watch the Olympics.

Does anyone know of that flashlight?

Also the blankets are illuminated. Is it commercially available product?

lol :bigsmile: Was great :slight_smile:

havn’t seen the ceremony yet !I’ll them you know once I watch it :bigsmile:

So far its been good! But I think the Chinese opening ceremony was more impressive, still watching it so that might change

Jolly good show! Loved seeing the Queen mum jump out of the heli.

I was impressed. I think it was better than the last few opening ceremonies I’ve seen. Really liked how they did the torch this year.

The flying bike/dove/E.T. portion was entertaining…

I wasn’t gonna watch em, but since i have nothing that can’t wait to do right now, I’m watching the olympics!

For some reason, thought they happened like 2 weeks ago…

They were good! Did not disappoint! Good job!

No Harry Potter! :frowning: Mr. Bean was probably the only reason I continued watching. Paul McCartney is waaay too old to preform.

There was Voldemort

And JK Rowling