How do you send warranty video to GearBest?

Hello, does anyone have any info on what device or how to send a warranty video to GearBest?

I got a JETBeam T6 and it was DOA and they are offering $10 because of no video. Thank you!

1) contact gearbest on here
2) you can upload files on youtube and share the link or use the file upload feature on the ticket system.

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Indeed the 2MB limit makes it hard
I have used tinypic to share a video once with CS of a shop but they expect YouTube

my utorch ut01 has faulty switch, i made a video, upload to youtube, and send to them, they accepted

It is not the smartest of moves from GB or BG doing it like this, they basically create a big chance for others to find troubles easy.

I ended up emailing it as an attachment directly to them. The addy is listed in the msg where they ask for video.

This is an important reason how my opinion of the new Imalent lights were formed: two defect videos in a couple of days time since their release.

I followed their instructions, but video would not upload-exceeded 2MB limit or not their format ( use a spreadsheet or word document format for a video?), I uploaded video on YouTube and we’ll see how that goes. I really appreciate all the info I got here today. Thank you

I used Google Photos (Free, and you already have an account if you have Gmail) when I recently had to display an issue. It already backs up my photos and videos so just needed to click share and create link. Same/similar video player as YouTube but private by default unless you share. Plenty of alternatives I’m sure, such as Flickr Amazon Dropbox etc, but that was easiest for me and seemed to work for my report to GB. That 2mb file limit is tiny for nowadays, phones seem to take bigger pics than that, nevermind videos; better if they suggested a trustworthy video or file hosting site. Hope your issue gets resolved!

My experience with the 2mb limit is that the video quality is that bad that you cannot see any defect and they claim there is nothing wrong with the item in question.
Just another excuse not to grant warranty.
Good luck with the claim.

The YouTube solution is working, this is the response I got:

Thank you for your message. We have received your information.

We need to confirm this issue with our technical team and will get back to you with an update as soon as possible. We will then resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

If you are unable for any reasons to receive our message , please feel free to contact us again after 2 business days.

Thank you for your patience.