How do you stop buying flashlights and other related stuff

I have been buying so much stuff lately online that I can't remember what I've bought. I blame the high AUS $ and my lack of will power. My Missus is going to kill me. She found my stash of recent purchases and is NOT happy. (I must find a better hiding spot- lol)

I wanted to stop buying flashlights (I could buy too much because they were only $10-$15) and decided to buy some quality ones to finish with. Then I found out that they could be really expensive, $80-$100, I found some %20-25 discounted ones and they sounded like bargain for $50-$60. And I'm at a worse point :)

Oh, another thing. My wife hates those strobes and if I stop at a strobe mode she starts to yell at me, and throw me things. So it is a must for me to collect non strobe, or strobes hidden quality lights. Am I not right? :)


Well if you actually mean that seriously hot to refrain buying flashlights i have a method that works for me and fails only when an outrageously good deal shows up!

I put a flashlight into a cart and wait one day and sleep over the eventual purchase. Be sure that 24h pass between placing the order. 90% you will realize it was really just a momentary lapse of reason. :)

One time i decided to stop spending when i reach 50€. I did for a few days but at the end of the month it was 200€ already. :/

That made me thinking and the 24h wait time keeps me in check.

The order cancellation option and late packaging of DX helps a lot. I just cancelled 3 of my 4 flashlights ordered from DX a couple of days ago. (And bought 3 from EBay, hkequipment, goinggear etc, costing triple the money :))

True signs of flashaholism - this cannot be stopped - only toned down - buy a keychain light... or 10 keychain lights... dammit. ;-)

It is hard to realise that you are a junky .... isn't it?... on the other hand there are a lot worse addictions/obsessions. ;-)

Like in my previous hobby, I had bought gallons and gallons of car cosmetics and not I need hundreds of litres of storage space for them. And believe me, these flashlights are small :)

In my case the addiction isn't severe. I keep few flashlights and sell/gift the rest. That way i have access to many flashlights and few expenses.

I am past the keychain stage - tried that and I'm still buying. I even bought the missus one. I told her its not my fault they brought out xm-l leds and I have to upgrade.... she gave me a strange look and said she is going clothes shopping tomorrow.

You are right - There are much worse addictions/ obsessions. I seem to move on to one after the other. ( I have a lot of knives as well)

@ Budgeteer

I should start doing the same. These 1x18650 Li-Ion batteries aren't that widespread here unfortunately. So I'd need to sell batteries and chargers too so make them sellable. This turns everything into trade business.

Maybe I could get rid of those AA lights I've collected, but I like them :)

Just keep those you regulary use and perhaps a few that don't get used at all but you like very much for unknown reasons. :)

Sell the rest. I have two chargers i will keep and both XTAR(wp2, mp1). The rest is rubbish in my opinion.

I keep only 1 good thrower light i use just for fun occasionally. 1 AA (the SS C3 from LT prize) a junk zoomie and a few p60's.

I would love to have a huge collection but i can live without just fine. :)

Btw, be sure youre not cought doing so since it is regarded as "illegal" trading. No taxes involved. Heavy fines can be paid! Beware!

Most of the lights I bought, have got a new owner shortly after. I don't make a huge profit out of it, but it allowes to cover a part of my expenses for this hobby. Most of the buyers are not flashaholics, but they want a flaslight for their specific personal use. I help them to get to the "just right" light without the hassle of trial and error.

AA lights really can find a home easier. I just can't explain that they'd need a big 18650 battery to get 700 lumens. And there climbs the total expense for them, charger, battery etc.

And there are still folks that say they have a very bright led light, bought at a fraction of what I paid, those appear to be a no-name bluish led and a candle powered 3xAAA light. Neither can explain why this light is $80, or what led efficiency is.

Same here, and i suspect many others follow that path. The tiny markup you add to them keeps the hobby costs low in the end i don't feel bad as they get alos my expertise and rapairs if needed. It's a win/win situation. Also they get decently cleaned, improved, hatsinked flashlights.

This reminds me of a bumper sticker about fishing and wives I saw in Alaska a long time ago but for our purposes I'll change the wording a bit.

My wife said that if I buy 1 more flashlight--she's going to leave me.

Gosh, I'm going to miss her!

And it's all my fault! 0:)

LOL. F%&kin' flashlights, can't stop buying them. Arrrrr LOL :bigsmile: S)

Wife: Q: Why have you bought some many flashlights- you only have two hands?

Me: A: Then you only need one dress as you only have one body. hahahahahahahahahahaha... (I'm in the dog house now)

Sleeping on the sofa for a while?

Fortunately the assistant doesn't care as long as there's food in her bowl. But then she's permanently in the dog house but this is probably because she is a dog.

Tell my wife what I've bought lately?