How do you use (or have used) your torches?

I’ve noticed that on here we discuss a lot of models, specs, attributes and especially mods, and yet we don’t have much info on how and when our dear brethren deploy their portable lighting instruments. Let’s correct that, shall we?

So please, feel free to unwind and share how you’ve been putting your flashlights to good use! Adventures, misadventures, daily chores and whatever else, everything is welcome around this campfire, including the adequacy of beam profiles and tints :smiley: I’ll start:

Haven’t used much of my lights lately outside the usual routine, which would be close up shop (a library, but whatever :stuck_out_tongue: ), sweep around the lots near my house (it’s an undeveloped area, thistle and weeds all around, perfect to “hide individuals with ill intentions”, the kind that gets spooked by a bright beam in a police-like ‘search mode’) as I drive home, then do the nocturnal home routine with one as my only light source after everyone else is asleep. After that, I choose one to either ceiling- or wall-bounce in the bedroom on the lowest mode while I catch up with my Youtube subscription or reading materials of the day until I’m too tired to go on.

For those ends, I use practically my whole EDC - a Convoy C8 (8x7135, OP reflector, 4C tint, stays as a backpack light) on Low to shut down the workplace [the beam profile makes it excellent to look down aisles, just enough spill and spot!] and High to sweep the lots [the throw comes in handy], an S2 (3x7135, 4C tint) for pretty much anything an office worker needs and for roaming inside the house, a Lumintop Tool (CW) on Med or Low [that second mode ain’t no moonlight!] when I have the PJ’s on [it’s my only small torch in this cycle that has a pocket clip] or just wanna see a nice cool white beam with no color distortions, and a somewhat old Thrunite TN12 2014 CW on Turbo as my “self-defense” [more like flight-and-escape aid] light and on Firefly as a bedside lamp, given its extra-dim mode is perfect by my standards.

Sometimes I use a Thrunite T10 (NW) on Low [never use it on High] as a headlamp [attached to my ever-present ball cap], but outside of a power outage last month (when I used the S2 on Med more than anything anyway), that’s been quite a rare thing.

I used my acebeam h10 MT-G2 with magnetic tail to change some emergency lights in a bar cellar & escape route stairs today.

I use a DQG spy ti NW worn on a neckchain for midnight duties and whenever else it’s needed.

Foursevens atom triple on keyring and DQG plus UV for everyday carry.

OTR M3 with diffuser and Klarus Mi7 ti stuck under kitchen cupboard, monolith II, CRX Cube and red Nitecore tube on fridge.

CQG s2 CF and CRX brass nine in a mug with pens & stuff.

Noctigon Meteor on worktop for general use.
Solaforce gladiator xhp50 in convenient place for general use.

Olight s10 UV in parts box for setting adhesives etc.

Jetbeam RRT-01 on top of dresser for finding clothes in the morning.

Convoy S6 triple rechargeable & S6 MT-G2 in transport.

Lumintop tool ti, Tank 007 703 green laser and Thrunite ti2 UV in my handy box.

DQG hobi xhp50 ti is with me when wearing a suit (hey, got a light… :smiling_imp:

Usually rotate my other small lights with trits and momentary/ forward clickies for bedside use.

Other lights taken out in rotation just for playin with or needed.

This kind of post is what reminds me, I need to cultivate and grow my collection! :smiling_imp:

Olight S2 Baton: This is my keychain light. Anytime I have my keys, I have this light. This is for frequent, small chores. It is nice to have 1000 lumens in a not too floody beam that has a useful beam profile. I like cool white; it reminds me of the days of my led flashlight youth. This light does what it is supposed to do, what I want it to do, in a not too budget, and not too jewelry-class package. I use the mouth hold frequently with this lite; black electrical tape provides comfort.

Manker MK34Vn: This is my edc light. Day and night. I like to edc larger than average edc lights. 7,650 lumens in this size package is what I like most about this item.

Fenix TK75vnQ70 dome on: I use this light frequently for doing menial chores outside the facility at night. My go-to item, this light has put my two and a half inch head diameter flooders on the back burner.

Thrunite TN42vn: I take this item out for my nightly, six mile, hilly, dark, night time walks a few nights a week. This item is tops for seeing small stuff far away. This is not a small thrill. This is a decently large size thrill.

Two Acebeam X65Vns’: This is my default nightly six mile dark, hilly, night time walk configuration. One in each hand, this makes my nightly walk absolutely thrilling.

P60vn Quad XP-L HD 2 cell host Cryos Cu head: This is my backup edc light. The 4,300 lumens is nice, the slender build is nice, but not powerful enough to be my main edc light.

Menial small close-range tasks, menial medium size medium range chores, the thrill of a super thrower, the thrill of combined great throw and power, full size edc: These, and with thrill added, is what I use my lights for.

EDC is a 1-mode ’502 with ~5000K XP-L, only a few hunnert lm, but still wows people at work who’ve never seen a light that throws even that much. Nice for grubbling around under desk to sort out network wires, etc., when IT guys only have flashlight apps. :smiley:

RJ02 headlight for pretty much everything hands-free. Even just palming it for quick peeks when it doesn’t pay to strap it on. Usually keep it set for as close to minimum brightness as I can get, ’cause that’s plenty.

VG10 for nighttime, usually on moonlight.

Kinda retired my 4C S2+. Used to keep it in my bag, but now the RJ02 fills that gap.

Chasing critters at night: F13, DV-S9, C8. Fave C8 is a 4300K XP-E2. Modded the F13 to a much less annoying 1-mode driver and 5000K XM-L. The DV-S9 is bone-stock.

Kinda hoping for a small blackout just as an excuse to show people the light, haha.

We do have threads of how we use our lights, the what did you use your flashlight for today is an example that comes to mind.

But in the interest of information i use my Moon RC2 for everything from going to basement, car at night, after turning out lights before bed so no need to reach for switch, checking cupboards, etc.

Convoy M1 for basement, finding things, more lumens, EDC, etc.

I seem to have a penchant for using my flashlights to find the flashlight i need for a particular situation, my most used include the above plus Convoy S2, Crelant V4A, Nitecore P30.

I use my H03 at work almost everyday for peeking in wiring cabinets, etc. I also carry either an On-the-road M3 with a diffuser TIR, or a DQG 18650 for non headlamp work.

An well worn Astrolux A01 resides on my keys and usually a Utorch UT01 is clipped in a pocket too.

I have a locked out Starry light DXM in the car, twist cap, slide switch and light at any level is available… Super simple UI for others in case it has to be loaned out. Lots of runtime and fully waterproof…

My M43 Meteor in 3000K XPL HI 80 CRI is my night hiking light and there is a Thrunite T20 AA headlight and a couple of extra NiMh always in my pack. Sometimes I bring the Acebeam K70 for poking around, both of these have some serious WOW factor for the non flashaholics… Starts some good conversations sometimes.

Where are those threads, Bort? I swear, in years I’ve been lurking and later participating here, I’ve never seen hide nor hair of such a thread, in fact that’s why I decided to post this one.

I know for a fact that there’s a “What did you use your flashlight for today?”, but that one is on CPF, not BLF. I lurk it every day after some fun stories to read, there’s some gut-bustingly hilarious stuff there :smiley:

I was aware of the other thread but saw this one as a more how do you use your lights in general as opposed to a specific light used for a task on the day.

I use mine for exploration and photography in environments like this old abandoned iron ore mine:


Well, here’s my dirty little secret: I hardly ever use my lights! :open_mouth:

Actually, I use one light every morning. Which light has changed over the years, but it’s the same use every day. In the wee hours, when I’m getting up, but my wife is still in bed, I’ll turn one light on Moonlight mode to give myself just a bit to see by without disturbing her. Ever since I won CRX’s giveaway, it’s been his modded SRK that I use. It stays on top of my chest of drawers, which is right next to my side of the bed. The indicator light at the side switch helps me locate it, although I’ve been doing this so long now that I’m sure I could grab it with my eyes closed.

Other than that, I do occasionally use a flashlight to find stuff in dark corners of my basement/garage or to give extra, concentrated light to a thing I might be working on. For that, I grab whatever flashlight is handy. I do carry two flashlights all the time, though I rarely use them. One is my DQG Hobi, which is attached to my key ring. The other is whatever small light I decided to EDC lately, such as my Olight S1A.

I use a S2+ Triple 219C as a constant on floody bike light, paired with another S2+ with dedomed XML, SMO reflector and Bistro’s biking strobe.

Lots of visibility, and no-one can claim they didn’t see me coming :sunglasses:

Here is the one i mentioned. There are more over the years but you will have to try the search and manually go through the tens of thousands of threads on BLF, not something i personally think is worth doing

EDC since 2012 has been my Trustfire F20:

I’ve posted about this light repeatedly, as it sees more use as my ideal EDC than any of my other lights. Highly modded, with CW XM-L2 emitter, Nanjg 101AK no-blinky driver, aftermarket reflector, and replacement switch, etc.

Walking into a dark room, looking under furniture, working on pretty much any project, this light is always on hand. It puts the ‘E’ in ‘EDC’. I grab any of my other lights I have on hand when stepping outside at night to look for whatever made the bump noise, and I’ll grab an 18650 tube light if I’m going to be out after dark. The F20 has been clipped to my pocket nearly every day for going on five years now though, and I will rue the day it is ever lost. The anodization is worn, and it has developed quite a bit of character in the past half-decade.

I use my headlamps more than I use my flashlights. I need bright floody light when I’m working projects around the house. More than likely I’ll be using my ArmyTek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 for that. I have several others, but the Armytek is my favorite.
That said, I keep my old reliable Dry triple XM-L Coke Can style flashlight by my back door for when I take out the garbage, etc.

Olight I3e stays on my keyring for misc tasks. My area has unlit “community mailboxes” in the middle of each block so this light is used often to get the mail if I get home after dark, plus there are skunks that roam around after dark and I want to make sure I see them.

I’m semi-retired (work for a week or two then off for several weeks) and ride the train into Los Angeles sometimes for work. L.A. was very late getting on the train / light rail bandwagon and the station I use frequently has construction, so I’ll carry an Olight S15R if I’m riding the train. I’ve used it many times to light up temporary walkways at the train station.

If I know I’m going to be out after dark on non-work days I’ll carry a Convoy s2+. See above note about skunks.

And, if I’m not working for several weeks I usually “road trip”. Last two trips were to Sequoia / Kings Canyon Natl Park and Pinnacles Natl Park. I usually bring a couple of Nitecore Tips to use while wandering around inside the hotel room, plus a Skilhunt H02 and BLF A6 to use while exploring. Pinnacles has a few talus caves, and I used both to light the way through.

Thrunite (all in NW):
TH20 - walking, hiking, running, camping, working on the car. Nice and floody headlamp. Great UI, I love the ramping.
TN12 - general purpose outdoor light. Walking, hiking, camping. My perfect flood/throw combo. If I could only have one of my lights this would be it. They’ve just released the Neutron which I would probably buy instead if I were getting one today.
TN4A Hi - outdoors: almost exclusively walks where I can see longer distances and don’t need to keep it in my pocket. Indoors: this is a stable tail stander that I use for early morning light when it’s still dark. Great throw with really wide spill. My favorite to play with right now.
Archer 1A v3 - edc, indoor use, traveling, some hikes where I’ll be out until close to dark and need a “just in case” light. It’s basically a flashlight version of the TH20, although the UI is different.

These are probably more lights than I truly need but there’s a regular use for everything. If I’m in the woods I’ll often carry two lights so I have one for redundancy. I’ve intentionally planned my lights around 18650 and AA batteries.

Torches…. oh, wait.

Yeah torches… :wink: