How does a Canadian get batteries?

After looking about the popular suppliers, they all have seemed to exclude sales to Canada (Gearbest, FastTech, BangGood). Others have outrageous shipping costs (LiionWholesale, Ilumn). Richard at MTN limits 4 batteries and has a standard shipping cost of $10.50 (USD). That makes an $8.50 cell to about $13.50 (converting to Canucks).

Some background:
After narrowing my search for an outdoor lamp, throwy, and affordable, I’ve found a compromise with the JKK03 from Kaidomain. Not perfect UI but really wanted to experience a Cree XHP 70.2. Needing a sustainable light at high output my preferred cell is in the 3400 ’ish range. Proven workhouse is a Sanyo/Pan NCR18650GA - and is cheap. The light requires 3 cells. Kaidomain has them at a “reasonable” cost (∼ $11 CDN) but will ship non-standard air (a footnote on their site). I’ve had a window of opportunity once with BangGood for some Sams 30Qs and it did take a snail route thru many Asian ports. Took over 7 weeks to delivery. May just get in by x-mas!

Must add: others on eBay, not trustworthy. Amazon has one listing at $25 a piece - ouch!

Two Vape Shops that I found that have a assortment of cells and chargers.

The Vape shops around my place sell high drain cells, not high capacity. And they are rather expensive: 30Q @ $15. Very limited stock - usually eFest or Vapecell at the 2800 to 3000 mAh mark.

Yes that is pretty pricey. I have sent a few things to Canada before and it has cost me an arm and a leg. Bought a few things from there too and I was paying $15 or so dollars for just a small box that weighed less than a pound. Insanity for sure. Well there are more than a few Canadians running around here. I am sure they can point you into the right direction. Either that or we could start our own battery smuggling business on the side. :slight_smile:

As rc said above, or

I admit that the U.S. isn't good at everything...

But we seem to be great for online shopping.

We drool up here at all your online shopping deals. It's a downer to often pay almost twice the price for just about everything

Grab some stuff in Aliya's Battery Store (AliExpress) for a small shipping fee. They stock some rare batteries. KeepPower UH1835P/P1835C2 cells available too or so they say. ;-)

Pay with PayPal if not willing to take the usual risk.

Give thanks to God and his emissary. :-D

Cheers ^:)

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I’ve bought from Illum. My last couple of orders (this year) were $15 shipping. Took about a week to get here, and extremely well packaged.

$15 is pretty expensive if you’re only buying a couple of cells, but if you buy at least 8, the shipping is still the same. That’s only a couple of bucks per cell, which isn’t too bad. The cell prices are very good, so overall the price per cell is still good as long as you buy several.

There are Canadian vape shops you can order from (The Vaporist is the cheapest I’ve found). But, you’re looking at $10+ per cell, plus tax and shipping (around $10). It’s not cheaper.

Liionwholesale gets good mentions here, but I think it’s only good if you’re from the U.S. They have a ridiculous waiver you have to sign (for International orders) that says you’re responsible if they lose your package. It might not happen often, but that’s not how everyone else does it. Plus, I think their shipping is just as expensive IIRC.

Or, keep checking Banggood every week or so. Occasionally they allow shipping to Canada for a small charge. It comes and goes. Mostly goes.

Another option I’ve had good luck from is The Sunway Store on Aliexpress. Genuine cells, free shipping, but painfully slow. However, Ali stores sometimes switch to fakes, so YMMV.

Be grateful you don’t live in South Africa.

Even if you can find cels that will ship here, they will probably take 3-4 months to arrive, that is, if they arrive….( Which currently, they often don’t…)

And you have to pay in Rands…. :wink:

I’m also in Canada and I feel your struggle. If you’re in Ontario, send me a PM. I could send you my ODF30C for a reasonable price, and I’d be happy to put in an order together and split the shipping cost from Illumn.

As I’m looking for 3400 mAh cells. Samsung 30Q can get at $15; KeepPower P1830R is not cheaper (thanks for the link Barkuti). But my preferred cell is a Sanyo 18650GA or Sam 35E (and any LG / Sony equivalent).

Ilum’s shipping cost of $16.25 (USD) is cheaper than LiIon’s at $26.65 (USD). So I may have to resolve myself to pay as much for the cells as the flashlight.

Thanks BM for the offer. I’m not in Ontario but a joint purchase to Ilumn may be an option.

I always use mtn.

I can help you out, fellow Canuck :slight_smile:

I’m not kidding, but here is my source of high drain cells:

I actually got myself a while back a 20V 5Ah pack from the same reseller/manufacturer.

Ripped the cells out, actually got Samsung 25Rs from the pack, and then sold them to some friends who were vapers.

IMO, this was the cheapest way by far to get legit 18650s.

So there’s 10 cells per pack -> $6.50 / cell? Not bad for Sam’s 25R; who would have thought a cheap generic tool pack holds Samsungs? I like the idea.

However, I’ll place the flashlight order with Kaidomain with the 3400 mAh GAs, hoping BanL can get them here by x-mas. I’m leaning on 3400s as I’ll be driving the light long and hard.

No, the pack I linked actually has VTC6s.

I ordered the 25Rs a looong time ago. I think 2 years ago.

Well, those are better…

Perhaps I should buy this pack and see if they also contain legit cells, like the last pack.

Some interesting high discharge offers for you Canuckians in Aliya's hut: