How does one post a data table?

Can’t seem to get it to work… I want to paste a table of data into a post but nothing seems to work properly. Formatting gets lost. Carriage returns go away. Editor help screen is useless.

From experience, HTML tables are a monumental pain.

What I do is put the data together in a spreadsheet which I save as HTML then open it in a text editor to paste it into the advanced post editor using the HTML mode.

A little clunky, but it works well enough.

i took a screen capture and posted the cropped image

Just use the advanced post editor and use the insert/edit table button.

See It Works Ok
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Up. To. A. Point.

The Paste from Word button works better(ish). Or used to anyway.

I got it in using the advanced post editor/post from word… but posting images from the advanced editor does not work. No link gets created from the image dialog. Manually entering the link between !’s shows the link, but not the image.

To add an image you have to use Insert/Edit Image. If you want to make the image clickable you have to select the image then use Insert/Edit Link. It’s clunky.