How good are Convoy batteries? Do we know anything about them yet?

Do we know anything about the batteries Convoy is selling? I could use a couple 14500 cells, but I don’t want them to blow up.

I wouldn’t imagine anything Simon sells is junk. Even if they turned out to be “not so good” then he would take the advise from the blf members and quite selling them. I’m sure they are ok.

That’s good to know. So far I’ve been happy with all of my convoy products.

I had to go look after I read this topic because I didn’t know he had them. What I see is shipping starts at @ $5 and goes up about $1 per cell as you add them up in quantity. So for 10 Tesla 21700’s that would be about $48(Shipped to the U.S.) Seems fair if they are legit. As for those Tesla 21700’s, I’m a little sceptical because the positive end doesn’t look like any Tesla battery I’ve ever seen before. Could be I’m mistaken. I’ll just have to wait for some reviews. I have 10 coming from Mtn. Electronics now. I know for sure they are legit.