How Happy Are You (Or Your Country)

The 2019 Happiest Countries report has been issued…. :slight_smile:

Finland first, then Denmark and Norway….



6. Switzerland. Really? I’ve been there many times, so expensive, that locals can’t afford to live there. Best option is to have a workplace near border, work in SUI and live abroad.

happiest state in the U.S.A. is Hawaii
saddest is West Virginia

I’m depressed now! :weary:
Portugal is not even on the list :person_facepalming:

I gotta ask you this: the countries maybe “happy”, but…are they funny? :wink:

Having lived all over Canada, for my family and I BC is the happiest place by far, but BC also stands for Bring Cash as you pay and arm and leg for just about everything here. For me the saddest place in Canada would be anywhere in Ontario.

5th place seems reasonable. For me best place in the world :beer:
I could live in many places, but I love Norway. Just too cold & dark winters!

@MascaratumB: Portugal is high ranking in my favourites list!

The best of ALL.
Hot. Cold. Snow. Desert. Cyclones. Floods. Snakes. Crocodiles. Sharks. Spiders, Irianjari Jellyfish. People of ALL races.
The list goes on.
But apart from one of those items.
WE ALL get on well together.
It’s a beautiful country. with (mainly) beautiful people in it.
We live in Tropics of East Coast. One son lives in the mountains in NSW and loves the snow.
I’ve been here 47 yrs and yet to see a frost.

Once we get rid of that one. evil item. we will be in Paradise.

Not to get political, but you know that list can’t be right, if the UK out-ranks the USA. They need to sample a little better with their polls or something. In fact, the USA should be within the top 10 at least. They must have only polled major urban centers in large cities. :person_facepalming:

I can’t answer the “best place” without getting into politics.

I’m a huge believer in working your butt off and making something of ones life. Sadly, that is sinking into the sunset in the West.

“Gimme fo free”……means that it’s going to get more and more expensive to live in the west.

You mean that the US is not just southern Chicago? :person_facepalming:

Everything is political these days. I would check into the politics of those who wrote the article. Chances are, it’s “people are happy when they share”. They forget to add….share YOUR money.

Here is the whole list. I’m surprised Venezula isn’t lower considering they are #108 of 156!
(list is clickable)

Who did they poll in Venezuela? Maduro? :person_facepalming:

Iran is worse then Venezuela? TOTAL BS. I’m no friend of mullahs or Iran, but this is just plain garbage.

A quick look through and it appears to be designer site and targeted toward woman.

Use a good BS filter….

People in that area just happen to be happier by their culture, I would be in a deep depression if I lived in Venezuela or Haití.

This survey is all messed up, if you look at the bottom of the list none of those folks know how to respond when the pollster asks…

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

Wait a minute! I just now clicked the link to the article to find…

It’s a UN report! :person_facepalming:


Political climate to me means far more then “the power of prosocial behaviour”. No, I didn’t make that up.

Here is the link to the report.

That is actually a very interesting topic, but please drop the political discussions.

As for the non-political side of it, I find it interesting that the top 7 countries are all way north, with long winters and reduced daylight hours during the winter. Kind of supports my theory that winter does us good, kind of a like a semi-hibernation state. Conversely, the long summer days are also good for the body and the mind, I think.

I don’t know how you can separate the happiness from the political climate.
Butt I’ll quit my entry.