How hard can I drive a Nichia 119 on a modified XP-G ALU star?

The other day I stumbled upon RaceR86’s excellent idea of mounting a Nichia 119 on XP-G star, and I was thinking of trying this on a few 119 emitters kicking around. How hard can I push a 119 emitter when mounted like this? I was initially thinking of trying 1 amp, but I’m wondering if that would be too much and I’d start to see some lumen sag. I’m not really worried about lifespan as long as it lasts more than a few hours.

Thanks for your time.

Are you referring to the high-CRI one? There's a thread discussing that one on cpf with a link to the spec sheet. It has a max rated current of 700 mA, but McGizmo suggests 500 mA to be a good sweet spot due to the additional heat generated at higher currents. Makes sense, as there isn't a dedicated thermal pad on the 119.

Thanks for the reply! I don’t think they’re high CRI emitters, but they are a pretty low bin and are likely in the same efficiency ballpark. I’ll try looking for that thread on CPF you mentioned.