How is this even possible - 6 days from China?!

This is so weird!

I ordered a light from Ebay:\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

on 6/7/2013, and, from USPS tracking, it looks like it’s arriving today (6/13) in the mail!

That’s like 6 days elapsed time!

Here’s the tracking:

I ordered several other lights the same time from Ebay, and they’re all at different stages, and none appear to have even arrived in the U.S. yet.

How is this even possible? I mean, on average, even FastTech orders take an average of about 12-13 days in the past for me, and this one took 6 days elapsed?

One of my orders from FastTech took three days (airmail tracked)! :open_mouth:

Shipped Friday, April 12, 2013 9:29:58 AM
The item (RT1750XXXXXHK) arrived at its destination country on 15-Apr-2013. It was actually delivered that Monday morning.

FT sometimes takes several days before the order goes out, but I've had stuff from them 5 days after they shipped. HK Post, of course.

Beijing to NYC though? My FT stuff always lands in CA.

Your package just happened to hit everything at the right time. Got delivered to post quickly, customs didnt feel like delaying it/had a light load/bribes were paid in China by sender? (not sure, but I know in some countries it works like this) post was ready to leave dock with room on a faster ship right when it got there, customs didnt feel like delaying it, and your post office happened to do their job quickly and it hit with correct timing to get land transport just leaving too. I have had that happen as well, and then the next package takes 2 weeks…I think what ship has room at the time it gets to the dock in China is the biggest variable, along with customs.

I think I could get a package here in southern California in 5 days if the stars aligned. I'd have to order it first thing in the business week, they'd have to ship immediately, and customs would let it breeze through.

I thought I was going to have a package in 6 days including a weekend, but it has disappeared into the US Customs blackhole since April 26th. 6 days is turning into 60. Damn.

Note that this shipment was to the east coast U.S.

I’m still amazed :)…

Noted. Because the leg from China is by plane and goes to regional ports, I'd say it's equally impressive. Well, that shipment is more impressive because my 5 & 6 day shipments haven't happened yet.

I just received a knife I ordered off Ebay (Hellogiftshop) and received it in 7 days! Shipped China Post ePacket. Only time I've ever had China delivery in less than two weeks.


I ordered my Solarforce S2200 on May 14th, got it on the 20th in Texas. It’s actually kind of funny…I was trying to order it on the night of the 13th but PayPal had issues so I just got out of it and figured I’d wait for reviews. The next morning Solarforce had sent me an email saying it had shipped, please pay the PayPal invoice. lol Within a couple of hours of that email, they went on 2 week vacation and my light was not only one of the first shipped, but I got to enjoy it while no one else could get one! :slight_smile:

The irony there? I had decided I didn’t want it, so it came really fast! The things I really want, take forever to get here. hahahahaha

first FT order took 5 days, my second order is 3 days in and already in CA last night

Well, there are these things called airplanes. They can cross the Pacific ocean in about 12 hours.

You must be from the future!! :open_mouth:

So THAT is what they mean by 'international airmail'! I thought they used really fast boats to get stuff from Asia to CA in less than a full business day! Thanks for explaining that for us.

Wait, so FastTech don’t use specially trained seals to deliver our goodies? :_(

Airplanes? Airplanes?!?

I thought they used carrier pigeons. As their name implies, those pigeons are meant to be making deliveries, and what better thing for them to carry than a flashlight when flying in the dark.

When All The Stars Align :

Well, eventually they’ll perfect overnight shipping by rail from China to the US, but that’s still a little ways off…

My packages always seem to take forever - I have one incoming right now that left IO on May 20. Today makes 24 days enroute, so far.

I think the time it takes is inversely proportional to how bad you want the stuff!

Hovertrain? :D

Speaking of rail, we're working on a variation of that to send packages the other way.