How long before we see XM-L in 1xaa budget lights?

Now that Thrunite has released the Neutron 1A with XM-L and creating one of the biggest understatements of lumens I have ever seen (over 200+ OTF lumens on AA when they only claim 140), how long do you think it will be before XM-l in 1xaa will trickle down to the budget category?

We havent seen XP-G in any great numbers as yet , you would think AAA and AA would be ripe for the XP-G ...

So how long for the XM-L , problem is stock piles of old emitters , lots and lots of old outdated emitters out there ..

AA batteries can hardly give 2.5W, XML sucks up to 10W. And there is not big difference between XML and XPG-R5 both at 3W

The thrunite puts up insane test numbers so someone figured something out where an XM-L can give signicantly more output on a single AA than an XP-G.

problem is stock piles of old emitters,how long do you think

Oh dear ! , took a good 12 months for XP-G to filter down to AA and AAA lights .. [ ecconomy lights ]

Im still waiting for ITP XP-G R5 to be available mainstream ...

Too many variables , but just depends on what the manufacturer is sitting on ... Look at all the XRE-Q5 lights out there

+ What Cree wants for the Emitters , if cree is dumping cheap Q5 etc emitters into the market , then manufacturers may be less inclined to put in more expensive emitters ..

The margin on the budget lights cant be very high ...

Just ordered a Thrunite Neutral Neutron 1c light last night. It really has incredible test results. I also plan to build a L2r with a powerful boost driver I got from KD. Lets see how Neutron will compare.

Which driver is that?

I hope this one.

Thanks :)

Weird an item with a full discription at KD! :P

If it has same output at lower levels

and isn't any more efficient

and color /tint hasn't caught up

then ..I guess I don't care

I have a 350 lumen xpg aa/14500

what it needs more than a few more lumens for the. wow factor is a very low low instead

at some point you have to have a mix of runtime and output

or just jump to a bigger battery / bigger light

I know it’s not budget but I have Quark Mini 123 XML. 1 x CR123 with a claimed 210 lumens OTF. Probably 180 ANSI but runs a little over an hour on high. How long could a similarly driven 1 x AA run?

The XM-L is very slightly brighter (but not noticeably so) than the XP-G at up to 700mA, which is about the maximum current one can expect from a 1xAA configuration.

But maybe XM-L would be preferred over XP-G and XR-E for its beam pattern and for its lower thermal resistance?

the only way to get full power with xm-l and aa size are use aw 14500 imr

Theres no reason it has to be an AW IMR, any high current IMR will do.

There are cheaper options - but they probably won't run as long.

Zebralight SC51 pulls 200 lumens off a single aa nimh and lasts about 46 minutes. The Thrunite Neutron 1a may run as high as 240 lumens on a single aa nimh and goes 44 minutes. The Fenix LD10 R4 will do about 150 lumens on a nimh and last about an hour.! The 1xaa figures are about 2/3 down.

That Neutron looks awesome.


I put an XML in a Romisen RC-G2 and run it direct drive with a 14500.

I get 2.3 Amps to the LED but only run it for short periods. If you need a lot of light for a limited time it is ideal.

I would LOVE a 14500 powered XM-L! Would make a great little pocket rocket as long as it has at least 3 good modes.