How long does DD usually take?

I ordered 2 Trustfire 18650 batteries from DD on November 25. Today is December 20 and still no batteries. Just wondering how long it usually takes for DD to get their order to us? This is the first time I have dealt with them. Thanks.

Hmm... I've received most of my orders about 14 days after they ship. Have they shipped your order yet?

It might take a while due to the global mail load. 1 month is quite common, and even for China to SG here, it happened a couple of times before, 25-28 days.

It is not DD, but the postal system, and that involves both China Post and you local post, as well as your local customs. Some batches can be selected for security scans. I know EMS surely goes through security scans, i have got 2 packages turned back and i only purchased twice with EMS for those pdts.

off peak season i had one order was go almost 3 weeks but normally they have been fast, almost like MF or SFS

You beat me to it 2100 dam you.

I have one back order waiting since september.... :(

But Chinese post also can be pretty annoying. one package sent from another chinese seller took over 3 months before I recieved it.

Thats the pleasure with buying from china. More exciting than buying a lottery ticket.

Timing is everything. An exporter relayed the following info to me last year, during the Xmas debacle of '09 :

Ten days is a good estimate in the off-season, but due to the manner in which the cargo is selected for shipment, you may wait for six weeks now for new orders.

One of the reasons the sellers can offer subsidized (free) shipping is the deal struck with the carriers. The courier packages get first priority on cargo and passenger transport. Dutied export goods are second tier, general merch third tier. When there is unused cargo space, the third tier cargo gets loaded.

Basically, shipment of our torches depends on when that particular load fits.

Anything I order after November that I actually NEED gets sent via courier (EMS, DHL, FedEx) to guarantee receipt in a timely fashion.

Now that makes sense... Because I placed a couple orders about a week apart and they both got to me at the exact same time. So apparently, the first order had to sit around and wait for a spot and by then the second order had gotten there and so they both loaded up at the same time.

They got here today, Dec 21. I was a little worried they would be the unprotected ones but I got protected ones that I ordered. They tested at 3.96 to 3.98 volts. They are just coming off the charger now.