How long does KD usually take from "Order pending-packing" to shipping?

It's "packing" for 5 days now... order was made 6 days ago and the item (Akoray K-106) was (and still is) marked as "ship right away".

From 1 to 10 days usually. Needed 8 days for a 5 pack of 2.8A drivers recently.

Why is the only HK based shop with somehow decent prices that carry the best drivers and spare and DIY parts?

If i need lenses, coated lenses, good drivers, and emitter insulators i just have to shop there. Pretty good selection of emitters but their prices aren't always ag one would be happy with.

And please don't tell me shiningbeam. If you're in us it's okayish but if not expect to pay a lot with postage.

My last order with KD spent 5 days "packing" and I have an order with them now on day 3. I don't think a week is uncommon.

The last order I had with them; took about a month to arrive and the back ordered items have been showing up one at a time ever since. Last week I received a manila envelope with a tiny plastic bag of 10 little o-rings. You will get all that you ordered.


I usually place between 10 and 20 orders per week and from my experience 90% of my orders ship within 7 days. There's a definite pattern, shipping is usually in the second half of the week with orders that have tracking numbers going out the day before the others.

The 10% that don't ship in the 7 days are the less fast moving items.

Shipped today.

You think KD reads this forum? ;)

Mine shipped too!

All 8 of my orders shipped today.

Seems to depend on whether their supplier has it in stock or not. They can be quick - or woefully slow.

So are you in the flashlight business Smelly?

I just make a bob or two reselling a few bits and pieces.

Since their shipping time is between "now" and "forever"; it is hard to say...

One strange thing is that KD provide a tracking number before the order is "shipped"... How is it possible? You have a tracking number when you ship something not before.. Or not?

My guess is that they buy a block of them from the PO and issue them at order (rather than shipping) time.