How long does shipping typically take from Simon @ Convoy?

Hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong spot, it just seem to be the best place but admins feel free to move if need be.

Anyway I’m wondering how long it typically takes to get lights from Simon. I have never ordered anything Convoy and would like to order the L6 but I’m not sure if I could have it before I go on vacstion. We leave August 4th so I have about a week and a half if I order it tomorrow. If it usually takes longer than that than I will wait till after vacation. Of course I still have to explain to the wife why I need another light but I just wanted to have this cleared up in case I get to order it. Thanks!

No that probably is too short
Not only does it feel very long for things to arrive from Simon given the stuff he sells one wants it yesterday it also actually takes long
I think my experiences with him are he is among the longest waits.
But he is to be trusted, it will arrive at some point and the goodies are worth the wait.
Being sure it is with you in 10 days may be costly (either buy local or pay for fast shipping which is tricky since customs can delay things beyond control)

I would like to buy locally or at least from someone in the US but I haven’t found a US seller of the L6 besides VOB and his aren’t in stock yet. I figured it would be too short but wasn’t sure I’ve only ordered one item from China before so I dint want to base off of one time.

Not sure about Simon’s ship times as I’ve not ordered from him yet, I was wondering the same thing and was informed he will ship ePacket method upon request which is way faster than China or HK post.


I’m ordering my L6 from Banggood. I get orders real fast from them using Priority Direct Mail (usually 11-14 days)
My last order from BG (a Nitecore HC30) arrived in 12 days from the day of order:

Order placed on June 27th
Package arrived July 8th

I’m in western PA so I’m near the same part of the country as you.

Its free for the L6, but you have to select Priority Direct Mail (Free shipping & 6-9 business days) from the “Preffered Shipping Method” drop down menu at checkout. (non-aff)

So if I went with banggood I could stand a chance of having it then?

My last 3 orders were 14,13, and 12 days. All priority direct. I’m in South Dakota. If you do order check this thread for a code.

Thanks guys for the input. Sounds like it would be pushing it so I will wait. I’m stopping at Going Gear on my way to Florida for vacation and already have a list of things I’m getting there so I will just wait till I get back home.

The more you spend the quicker it’s delivered, for me at least.

When I ordered the L2 it took about 10 day’s.

I ordered some switches that cost around $4 and it took almost 5 week’s.

I think Adventure Sport Flashlights has it in stock :

If you want something really fast dont order from china. You can try paying for DHL which is usually very fast once it is in their system, but getting it in the DHL system sometimes isn’t that fast either.

Nope, that time frame is not going to happen. My orders to Illinois always take 3.5 to 4.5 weeks to arrive.

Hmm I see they do have them now. Last time I checked it was just preorder. It still says they are for preorder and will ship around 7/24 so maybe they are in stock now.

Simon was fast for me. If you choose epacket its there under a week I believe.

How much more does an epacket cost for shipping?
(I’m planning on buying 3x S2+ in different tints when the new versions are released).

My two orders from Simon came in 18 and 27 days. I’m in Europe.