How Long is Deal Extreme taking to ship after the order Paid ?

How long is Shipping to USA after ordering from Deal Extreme lately ?

Wondering if I order my first XM-L, if it will be quicker from Ebay or Deal Extreme.

Got my first 18650 light from Ebay in about 2.5 weeks after the auction from a Hong Kong seller.

The Ebay sellers may have more incentive to ship quickly.

Anyway - some of the posts on here about DX not even shipping for a week or so have me thinking.

If you guys know a way to speed up DX- let me know.

I could also be talked out of this and get the Kingston that's similar to the Solarforce Host but I like the 3 modes - no blinking of the light above- looks real cool and 3 amps on high which could be fun, although medium will be used most.

I placed 2 orders on Oct 6. 1 from DX and 1 from eBay. The order from eBay got here a week ago, I'm still waiting for the DX order to arrive. So eBay seems to be 1-2 weeks and DX is about 3-4 weeks. YMMV.

Its not unusual for DX to take a week or more to ship, but I think they are more reliable than some of the eBay sellers. You have to be very careful on ebay - the item descriptions tend to be inaccurate. Having said that, there are some very good sellers on ebay. Best bet is to search the forums to see what experiences others have had with the particular seller.

My last order at DX was placed 13 days ago.

It's still sitting at 'order received'.

in my experience dx take from 2 days to 1 month to ship you an item

usually 4 days ...u feel lucky? xD

Ordered 9/29/2011 and is now packaging :)


:beer: :party:

DX is slow because they hire old slow grandmothers to pack the items. They need to offer $ .59 hot young models like DD. lol

My last two orders:


XXXXXXXX placed on 10/7/2011 9:59:43 AM
(of current
On 10/21/2011:

or this:

Order: XXXXXXXX placed on 10/3/2011 5:52:50 AM -> shipped 10/7/2011 12:54:27 AM -> arrived broken

replacement still packaging on october 26th

DX is a good seller and in my experience very reliable. They do tend to sit on orders for a few days to a week before shipping. I had an order in for a dropin a while back that just never got shipped. Was waiting on supplier for over one month. I had them replace that order with other items and that went really well, easy. eBay items will almost always get to you before a DX order.

Their new US warehouse is quick. Ordered a Trustfire Z1 and 16340s on 9/24 (Saturday). Received Z1 from US warehouse on 9/29. 16340s shipped from HK on 10/2 and received on 10/17.

Yeah- If they had this item Ultrafire M3 TL60 in USA -I'd pull the trigger on it, but I don't think so- I think they order many items from suppliers as orders come in - hence the initial delay before they ship.

I noticed a few other Lights on the USA part of the site- but most are sold out.

Are 18650 Batteries available from USA Site- that would be great- I just had to pay 17.00 plus tax to get a pair of Ultrafire Black 3600mah from Florida to Florida 'cause I'm stuck with only 1 battery that works out of the 2 shipped with my Saik Zoom 7 watt 3 mode from Ebay .

Their UK warehouse is not very fast. I made an order last sunday, on monday it went to "packaging", and now it is still there (maybe they are out of brown envelopes...).

Manafont is processing orders much faster than DX.

DX is slow, but relaible. The orders always get here, but sometimes you have to be very patient.

it changes time to time. i think it depends stock condition of the suppliers. According to my experiances (20-25 orders up to now) i can only comment on shipment time. When my orders shipped from DX system, they take 8 days to Turkey. If your shipment is registered it comes to my door next day. if its not, it depends to intention of the local post delivery :)

I think you're lucky if they ship after 2 weeks..I consider that fast for DX..

I just ordered a few small items yesterday one item/order and within a few hours the one was packaged and shipped. Another was shipped this morning. Other items can take several days to a week from time of payment to be shipped. It really depends if they have it in their warehouse or if they have to get it from their suppliers.

I've noticed new items usually take a while. I placed three small orders days apart. One for a Tank007 shipped after 2 days. I also ordered some batteries. They shipped the next day.

There is a new twist zoom 18650 light that just showed up on their site. That status is still just "order received".

Not sure you can hang it on DX - shipping time ..

Blame HK post !

Now Im not 100% on this , but the free shipping , is offered by HK post to help HK businesses compete on the world stage , is this a flat rate contract ? flat rate per item ? or actually free ? I dont know .

But its cheap , dirt cheap by world standards .

But , from what I understand , its second class mail , it only moves out of HK when there is space available , so if regular mail , first class mail , registered mail fill a plane , the free stuff sits on the floor ..

Bit like stand by plane tickets ...

Now im not 100% about this as its like 3rd hand information ..

If some one can confirm or deny ? or enlighten us ? please chime in .

Well I blame DX. I paid my order Nov 25. It sit there until I received a shipped notice Dec 10. Now into 43 PP days, still not even at the post office.

It does seem like DX eventually ships, but with 43 paypal days gone by, I'd seriously consider starting a dispute. It doesn't have to get escalated, but it'll protect you and maybe remind DX not to be so slow.

Yep it works like that. But you can't "blame" HK Post either, if you don't buy bulk post your stuff gets shipped in time (But with the upcoming Chinese New Year all bets are off).