How Many Charger Cables Do You Have And What Type ????

Exactly, that was the reason for my “Just for fun” comment. Anybody that knows what I do will know that I have a ridiculous about of cables and test gear (That do not prevent that I sometimes are missing a cable).

Does anyone sell a USB cable tester — the kind of thing with multiple sockets and LEDs that verify continuity, and perhaps measure whether the current carried is appropriate?

Because my collection of untrusted dubious flaky cables keeps growing.

same here.
i have a breeding box.
stock it with a male and female of each type and a year later i have 100+
its next to the mealworm and soldier fly boxes(critter food) so they keep each other company.

Multiple A to C
3 C to C

Well, I hava USB A to nearly everything (C, 2B, 3B, micro B, mini B, Lightning) and one C to C cable. Still missing a good thunderbird 3 cable but those things are pretty expensive.

I also have a whole box of cables, but I am tying to switch to just having usb c (to c). It’s just convinient to have one usb c (pd) cable next to your bed that can quick charge your phone and laptop.

At least 15 A to C chargers in the house at last count. A bunch of A to C, A to micro, and A to apple phone cables. Plus Amazon is full of all of them, and can arrive at my door in two days

I have dozens of cables, all different types. Also dozens of various wall chargers (A and C).

The should be one more answer “A lots of” :sunglasses:

Haven’t voted because I have multiple:

Micro B+A: many
Long Micro B+A: several
Mini B+A: one
B+A: one or 2
C+A: several
Male MicroB + Male A + Female A: one or 2

A to Apple Lightning (at least 10)
A to Micro USB x 2
A to C (1 x just for charging FT03 / LT1)

no C to C

A to B, C, micro, mini, lightning which I never use.

C to C

I have tons of charging bricks, but it’s hard to keep and find good cables. Cables wear out, so I try to keep a few of each on hand. I’ve got the majority of all standard cables from the last 15 years, but I need to get some C-MicroUSB for the few stragglers that keep using Micro USB.

For me it is the other way around, most of my stuff is USB-A to mini/micro, only the phone and tablets uses C.
For testing some stuff uses USB-C.

The main reason for the mini connector is Arduino Nano, that I use frequently.

I have two C to C chargers that also have an A socket as well. I have one C to C and about 6 A to C. I have a few A to micro USB for my son’s media device.

For charging and data:

A to micro B to numerous to count
A to Apple Lightening 4x
USB 3 A to USB 3 micro B 3x — that I can find. I’m sure I’ve got more in a drawer somewhere.
A to A extension 3
A to mini B more than 2.
A to B 2x
A to C 2x

A to C is mostly for charging my phone.
A to B is for my Audio DAC.
Lightening is for Debbie’s iPhone, iPad and charging our Apple TV remote.

Sometimes I just want to scream.

Lots of cables to deal with everyday and more on the way……………many more than the VHS started :slight_smile: