How Many Charger Cables Do You Have And What Type ????

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Just trying to see what Cable everyone has right now.

Could not figure how to include the Number of Cables everyone has on hand.

Currently all my C cables are A to C but there’s no option for that. I would think, atleast still at this point, the A to C cable is the most common USB type C cable out there.

Well, if you’re counting flaky/unreliable cables, I have way too many.
They must use wire conductors the size of human hair in these things.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I did make a change.

More than one of all of the above and more.

I have a selection of A to something cables.

A to C 2 phones, 1- LT1, 1 other project in the works
A to micro about 8 devices, I think
A to mini 1 device, an old mapping GPS that uses rechargable battery and data thru cord.
A to B for an old scanner (not a charger, data only

Maybe that’s why I have not sweated the C port connection issue with the LT1.

More Than You.

All Of Them.

I have nothing with usb C connector and all the usb gear we have at home like phones, power banks, ecig, flashlights, ebook reader, even a brand new remote speaker i was offered a few days ago (and will never use but that's an other story) are micro usb type so all my cables are A to micro. And while each item comes with its own cable i might have maybe 10 still working.

The only usb C item i expect to have soon is the BLF LT1 wich will be used with the A to C cable provided.

About that i was so surprised about the usb C to usb C cable drama on the LT1 that i started asking around me who owns something with usb C and up to now there are very few people but i'll try to ask more people for better sampling

I have a few dozen A-to-whatever cables.

No C-to-C cables and no C chargers.

I have lots of A chargers, a stack of A-Lightning, a good number of A-Micro and a handful of A-C.
I also have zero C chargers or C-C cables.
(but I do have a USB-C laptop power brick)

I’m open to getting a charger with a few A ports and a full 20v PD port, but that will only happen if I stumble on a really good deal. Till then I’m OK with carrying a laptop brick and a USB A charger.

This poll format doesn’t really work for the kind of question you’re asking. I have:

  • C to C: three, I think
  • A to C: many
  • A to micro B: many
  • A to mini B: at least one
  • A to B: probably at least one in the box of mostly-unused cables

No C to C, several USB A chargers : to proprietary, micro, mini, C cables.
I’m fine with the LT1.

Way too many A to Micro USB which come packaged with everything and just two A to C one of which I had to buy because even my car charger with QC3 didn’t include a type C in the package.

I have lots of A to micro B cables, a couple of A to mini B cables and all manner of adapters to make those work with other stuff.

My last purchase was a pack of micro-B to C adapters so I can use my existing cables to charge my newly-dispatched LT1. That way, I don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting the A to C cable that comes with it.

I would have had a box to click for the number of each type of cable but could not figure out how to add that to the Poll.
Anyone know how to add that

There isn’t something built in to BLF to make a different type of poll. Google Forms is probably the easiest way to do something like that.

Just for fun: I can answer yes to all types.
I also have USB to banana plug cables, they are very useful for testing :smiley:

Thanks for the information.

No Surprise on that :slight_smile: