How many Eneloops have you ever recycled ?

I've never had a Duraloop / Eneloop battery go bad in over 4 years .

Have you ever had a bad one ?

How many Eneloops do you own ?

I own around 80 LSD. I use around a third of them in 3xAA to D adaptors instead of D-cells.

Eneloop, duraloop and lately a lot of IKEA LADDA.

So far I have not had any go bad. But sometimes I have to do a few refresh cycles. But the capacity comes back, so far.

I don`t really know how many eneloops I own, probably 50+?

not recycled any eneloop yet. I had 1 suspicous one, that had some strange signs, but can`t find it anymore... it`s probably in a light or in a toy.

None, my oldest duraloops still have almost new capacity

i have an eneloop dying because it was spilled
with a corrosive sulfuric acid. i cried :frowning:

None, out of about 40 AA and AAA and over a 6/8 year span. I run a ‘refresh’ cycle on them one in a long while and they go right back to new (or better) capacities.

I’ve never counted cycles, although I keep and use them in matched sets of two or four.

I never had any Eneloops go bad on me however when I was working in Whistler for 3 years, my mom threw away the Eneloops I put in the remote controls. Must have lost 4 AAs and 6 AAAs. You can't really get mad. It's your mom for God sake!

I suspect that if you pay moderate attention to keeping them in matched sets and don't allow them to go into reversal, most eneloops will probably outlive their owners. Anecdotally, pro photographers are the only people I've heard of that even come close to approaching their maximum number of cycles.

I've been using them since 2006 and never had one die yet. However, I did give a few to my brothers kids a couple of years ago. We'll see whether they can murder them.

Because I have a tendency to snap up a few packs every time they're on sale for about half price I have far too many to mention here. I do tend to give them away as gifts.

At least I know I'll be prepared when the zombies come!

An Eneloops are all O.K and they are over 3 years old.

Panasonics that are 12 years old are stilll running strong.

They are some very tough cells.

Testing by Mark here:

I think if someone has dead ones panasonic should want them back for testing

Two dozen Eneloops, dozen Ladda, none have hit the bin yet, but I have been culling weak bad batteries from my hoard of other types and have about half a shoe box sized plastic box ready to take to the hazmat recycle place. Saddest, the last half of a gross of high quality button cells I bought a good ten years ago are starting to leak, AG13 or something like that.

60 or so Eneloops oldest of them about 4 years and in constant use, I have yet to find one with less than the advertised capacity.

24 Blue Tenergys, all older than the Eneloops and all still going strong though not meeting the 2600mAh advertised capacity. I don’t know if they ever did, I didn’t have a way to check back then. They still put out 1950 to 2150 though.

28 Centuras up to 4 years, all exceeding their advertised capacity.

4 Imedions, holding up ok after about 3 years but never reached their advertised capacity of 2400.

First NiMH batteries I bought were from Radio Shack, I have to say they held up pretty well considering I didn’t take all that good care of them. I may still have one somewhere.

Eneloop is surely the king but I don’t hesitate to buy Centuras.

I still have some of the AA rad-shack NiMh and just got done testing them to just over 1000mah. they will likely be recycled.
AA Energizer 2500mah cells are coming in at over 2000mah.
AAA Duracell 1000mah are still showing better than 1000mah except one of four was dead as a doornail.

I am now testing the less known selection.

Just the fake ones that I bought from DX around four years ago. They’re not LSD and seemed to go flat within a week.

Otherwise, the Duraloops and, I think, generation 1 eneloops that I’ve got are fine with the exception of one. I’ve got one that the Maha C9000 says its capacity is down to 1600mAh. Compared this to its siblings which are in the 1850mAh mark, that’s a 13.5% drop in capacity over 2-3 years.

None. I do keep them paired and try to maintain them right, but it’s not like I’ve put any kind of effort into them. My Opus charger shows the 4+ year old ones as slightly degraded (1,850-ish), and I’m starting to believe their marketing hype, which claims, what about 2,000 cycles? A few of the knockoff brands I tried have gone downhill after extensive use. It’s funny, I have a pair of “Enitime” cells that test just as good as the Enloops on my Opus, but for high-drain devices like with my Canon point-and-shoot, their capacity goes to sh*t in a hand basket. Where the Eneloops just keep on chugging along. I get about 4 shots on those Enitimes before the battery warning starts blinking on the Canon. A couple years ago I went to the King Tut and Chihuly gardens in Seattle and got almost 1,000 photos (no flash) off a pair of Eneloops. I’ve been a fanboy ever since. EDIT: I’m not sure I believe that it’s 80% or 90% charge after a year on the shelf, but they sure beat normal NiMH cells.

I have about 70 eneloops total, roughly 40 aa and 30 aaa.

The oldest ones I have are first gen aa’s from 2007. I’ve never had one fail to perform yet.

Never recycled a single one although I don’t put them threw not nearly as many cycles as others have around here and my oldest ones are second gens. I have since purchasing a decent number of 3/4th gens from ChibiM to replace almost all of my non-lsd cells that I have bought from various brands with some being in the 10year old range after testing them out on the BT-C3100 and seeing how down their capacity is or how crappy they actually are in comparison.

Most common failure for me, Nicads I bought from like Radio Shack, with tabs to go into some piece of electronics and they leaked before I got around to using them. Ditto some from ebay, dead or leaked before I could use them.

I’ve been testing and culling old nicad and nimh so I can rotate more new LSD types into regular use, and seems that many of the sets of 4 have one or two bad and the rest pretty good. I ended up buying more flashlights to put the cells in instead of leaving on the shelf.

Total Eneloops = 268 (AA=180 / AAA=88)

Over 50% of them have been supplied by my secret BLF dealer.......BLF Eneloop dealer that is. lol

In 4 yrs. or so I haven't had any eneloops go bad. The oldest I have are dated Sept. 2008 and they still are doing very well.

The link below is my old eneloop thread but I need to update the photos though since I've added over 60 more. I'm gonna need a bigger boat.....I mean shelf! lol

And yes, I know I need to see a shrink to help me deal with my eneloop obsession/addiction.