How many flashlights do you have in your kitchen ?

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Zero. I bring a headlamp sometimes but I don’t store it there.

Two lights. 16340 Olight Batons are small and convenient to keep attached to the shelves.

Just one usually. My SF36w lives in the kitchen junk drawer most of the time. When is gets rotated out for whatever reason, I’ll drop an S2+ in its place.

Well, I have 3 on a closet where the boiler stays! Don’t worry, it is safe, it is not a hot space :wink:
I have the Wuben TO10R as it is small and has a magent in the tail too.
I also have 2 other 3xAAA lights , which I use less!

But as the kitchen has a countet to divide it from the dinning room, and I always have my EDC lights there, I admit I have more than 3 “on the fence” :stuck_out_tongue:

Our apartment is pretty open plan kitchen has a massive door way (without doors) to the living room , all my lights are pretty much in our bedroom which also has no door to the living room , soon I’ll get a few aa or aaa lights and scatter them around the house

I keep the long D cell Maglite in the junk drawer . I think it is 5 cells. That’s more of a weapon than a lite.

Also works well for stretching dough.

Typical old fashioned Thai wooden farmhouse with kitchen and bathroom downstairs, so the kitchen is the first space you will encounter. Therefore, a Lumintop AA hanging from a nail on the outside door for when the power goes out again. On the first table inside a BLF SP36 Anduril ready for larger emergencies.

I have one of this TIR light installed in kitchen for about a year now. I upgraded stock 18650 to Sanyo GA. Full charge last about 3.5 weeks using built-in charger.

I put two, but then forgot about all of the under cabinet motion lights that I have installed. Aside from having to change batteries every now and then it’s so nice having a light turn on for you. Though those probably don’t count.

Same amount as cockroaches.

I have my BLF A6 4000K in the kitchen. I put in the Panasonic NCR18650B into it since I don’t really need super high amps. Good tint for finding bottles of spices in the cupboard. Just an overall pleasant light for searching stuff in and around kitchen area.

Zero when I am not in it, three as soon as I enter it, and back to zero the instant that I exit.

Emisar D4V2 quad W2.1, Lumintop FW3A triple W2.1 and Nightwatch NSX3 3 x XHP 50.2.

Same with most other rooms in the facility, except for 27 in my room.

I’ve got a cheap AA flashlight from Menards in the kitchen drawer to help me tell water level on my espresso machine. :slight_smile:

As kitchen is closest room to the front door of my house I keep a lot of flashlights in.
I have a shelf by the door where they are most of the time.

5x S2+ so all of us (5 people ih the house) can get one on the way out or in
BLF Q8 - when someone needs lots of light or for lighting whole kitchen if there is no power with ceiling bounce :slight_smile:
2x D10 headlamp

The most flashlight dense room in the house is the kitchen because it’s the central room in the house and that is where our main storage for bits and bobs, the pantry closet, is located. I have 2x rayovac incandescent lights, 1x Sears incandescent thrower, 2x 6v incandescents, 1x random 2D incandescent, 1x Sofirn SP 31 V2.0, 1 Braun 390 lumen folding work light, 1 home made AA lantern with the 2300k 5mm LEDs from /u/rngwn, and on occasion, one BLF LT1.


Wuben TO10R stuck to the side of the fridge with the tail magnet. In a position that is easy to grope to in the dark.

about 8.

Kitchen just happens to have some shelf space, so that is where most of my usable lights go
at least the ones that are not deployed at specific locations, - bedroom, basement, car, garage, etc

plus 4-5 cheap various color laser pointers