How many lights do you have in the mail right now?

Manker E02 (from enogear, not confident on this one with gone to the ether)
Sofirn SP33 XHP50
Sofirn SF11
Astrolux S43S
Fireflies PL47 XPL Hi V3 3A 5000K Neutral White
Eagle Eye X1R XP-L CW

Only one, I think, a XHP50.2 Sofirn SP33.

It’s been a struggle, but I’ve been doing pretty well at keeping myself from buying more lights.

I do have probably $50+ in modding parts coming from Led4Power, Fasttech, KaiDomain and Digikey. More than I need, especially since none of it is for the 3+ builds I have in various states of indecision and incompletion.

I can’t believe it myself but: NONE. The last items I recieved were the:

- Sofirn Q8, which I gave a quadruple spring bypass.

  • some White Flats, of which one has superseded an SST40 in a C8, and doubled the brightness.

There are contenders for my to-buy list but I’ll sit on the fence for a while, because the future is a bit gloom.
With an embarrassing number of lights stashed away, I think I’ll wait for Christmas, and the FW3A, to come.

As of last night, I was at 8 in the mail, now 10 are in the mail.

It’s good to know , your Not the only one with a list of flashlights in the mail .

2 lights, both sofirn (my first 2 from them). A C8F and an SP33.

SP33 will be a fun multi-board driver project once it arrives but the C8F I’m most excited about as I’ve also got 3 of the OSRAM KW’s coming for it!

Also on order are tons of driver boards from OP-
Boards for my wife’s S1 mini project
Boards for my UF AT-008 quad Nichia.119 and my SolarStorm SC02’s (part of my HUGE 3535 give away)

I have two lights on order, a purple S2+ and a black Fireflies PL47 from the group buy.

The S2+ will be a gift.

1 Convoy s2+ in copper.


Unless you count pre-orders, because the wait for my Frelux is going to drive me crazy.

Just waiting for the Fireflies PL47 SST-20 version.

And for the holy grail, the FW3A. That would be amazing :slight_smile:

Only four.


We are a demented bunch.

four flashlights, two sofirn, one convoy and one blitzwolf…

Sorfirn CF8
Thrunite TN15V2
KDLitker c8.2 XHP50.2
Sofirn 32A x2 units

two S43S (XPG3 & 219C), one PL47 XP-L 1A

So much for self-control. Now have a S43S nichia on the way, too. Not shipped yet, though.

Self control ?

2x PL47
12 x astrolux A01
2 x BLF Q8
2 x Nitecore NU30
2 x Manker E02
4 x Sofirn Dive flashlights(can’t remember which)
2 x New Sorfirn C8’s
4 Olight H05s
20 x Atomlights

Yep they are actually on the way

and on friday
1x Olight S2R baton
2x I1R


Flash sale ,Olight S2R11 , NOV. 9-10. Any excuse to buy is permissible, right ?