How many ports on a USB charger would be perfect for you?

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Hi there!

We are planing to develop a new USB charger with more functions than Allmaybe CU6 and we sincerely hope it can be customer-orienated and truly help people to make charging affairs easy and safe. This question is the one on which we want to hear your opinion most.
Your participation will be highly appreciated.

I don’t think quantity matters as much as total power. What really matters is how many devices that I can give at least 1 amp to. I see no point in having tons of devices plugged into one charger if they aren’t going to get more than a trickle.

Can not image a charger with 12 ports :smiley: How big is it?! :person_facepalming:

4 is what I picked

If you can give it USB IN and let it operate as a powered USB hub as well that can be useful

I voted 6, and 1 or 2 should be USB type C. The C port/ports should do 3 amps. I won’t buy any new chargers without type C.

Good point. Thanks.
I care the quantity simply because our 60W 6 port seems to fulfill all the expections you mentioned but best sellers always fall on the 2-port (of other brands like Anker, iClever). One of our customers told us he only used our 6 port when travel with family and he prefered 2 to 3 port.
I have communicated with other customers and received so many different answers. So I started this poll, hoping to gather more data to better analyze.
Thanks again.

That’s really a bold proposal. :+1: But till now, I have seen no typical product of any famous brands having both two functions, and more important, both functions can be performed equally and perfectly.
I guess it will be a big boy if it’s possible, right?
I will communicate this idea to our engineers and see whether we can make it. Thank you for your advice.

You speak out the same puzzle I have. I always wonder what people will do with those 12 ports. But search “12 port USB charger” there will ba aboudant sellers and they do have sales, even Anker has a Powerport 10 with 10 ports. :smiley:
In fact, we will not consier more than 6 ports at present, but since it’s a poll, I guess it’s better to take more people’s special needs into consideration.

I think it is great you ask and address peoples input here!
When you are done building it, be sure to send one to BLF user HKJ for in depth analysis!

Hi, thanks for voting. May I further ask your opinion on QC ports?

Thank you. :beer:
We really appreciate HKJ’s hardwork on reviewing products with so excellent insights. His review for our CU6 is really professional and helpful. He is absolutely the first reviewer from whom I would like to see our product review. :smiley:

Four ports usually is enough for daily use but not more than six . Please allow spacing of one USB port space between each of the four ports for easier plugging in and removal of USB plug. ( most of the multi ports charger are of the standard spacing type )

Absolutely. I like to be able to plug in usb power meters straight to the charger enough spacing would be nice.

Ah and…. Ports that accept a usbplug no matter how it is inserted would also be ideal.

Ah and…. Ports that accept a usb plug no matter how it is inserted would also be ideal.

Also, a switch on the back, a small one, like the Tronsmart Titan has. When not in use, you don’t have to unplug it, just switch it off.
And oh, 6 ports is enough, with at least 2 QC3.0 ports.

In new charger please pay attention to EMI/RFI switching power supply generate. Use proper filtering on primary and secondary circuit etc.
I’m ham radio operator and 90% of chargers or switching power supply’s are pain in the ass, because it generate huge amount of radio interference can be heard in ham/CB even FM radio in car or home.

Besides I would like to have on/off switch, 4 USB ports with at least 1 QC port.


I second that, if well realized with a clean power output, I’ll buy it.

5-6 ports with QC for home use and 2 ports for travel. Simple as that :slight_smile: