How much do you hate the CAPTCHA for 1st post after login?

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Hi everyone,

Apart from the new SPAM mitigation system that is in place, I am also trying a CAPTCHA that appears before you make the first post every time after logging in. It won't come back again unless your session ends or you click the logout button. I think it will help some as a secondary prevention method. Please let me know how much you hate it, and I can remove it if necessary. But please do keep in mind that it could help a lot to prevent spam.

Have fun.

For me it’s not a problem at all as you have it set up with simple math.

Works for me. For every post I could see it getting annoying but just for the first is fine.

Do you mean once / session or once / user (= first login)?


Ok, thanks. I can deal with it.

I can cope with it if it stops spammers

OK with me since it slows spammers down.

We'll see how it works. If spammers still manage to get their bots started despite it, then I'll remove the CAPTCHA to avoid punishing our users unnecessarily. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!

[quote=sb56637] How much do you hate the CAPTCHA for 1st post after login? [/quote]

Not nearly as much as I hate SPAM. :)

If CAPTCHA were required for every post, to deter evil SPAMbots, it wouldn't bother me.

But I didn’t know zero plus? Equalled zero ,roflmao

Not a problem.

Heck, i can deal with it even if it's every post. LOL! Just get the bot spammers off our backs!

Ok for me. Let's hope it kills the spam. Thanks Mr. Admin!

Looks like we just got rid of one of the spammers called 'talk'.

Way to go!

No problem, much better than trying to type in a barely legible scribble some places use

'Talk' didn't last long.


No more tasty spam?? lets see how this goes, should help with most of the automated ones anyway, which has been the biggest issue recently

Problem with the voting system is, I'm seriously tempted to select the last one for the lolz, but I had to try hard not to.