How much would you pay not have have strobe or SOS ? Would you spend 10$ per light.?

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Why have to pay for not to have a flashing mode?

That must have to be included in the price.....

If I have to pay 10 dolar more to get a not blinking modes, I prefer to get those 10 extra dollars and spend them in another product!

Paying extra 10$ for the removal of strobes?

Hell no:

The only problem there is if i need to mod a higher current flashlight i must pa a little more for a suitable driver.

I would pay a couple of dollars extra if I liked the light. But like everyone else why should I pay to disable something I didn't want in the first place. I need never run out of lights with flashing modes, I already own a lot of them.

I was away yesterday at a friend's place and felt the need to take about 12 lights. Two of those did not have flashing modes. The kids liked the strobe modes.

I have said in my mind ...."i'd pay 5 $ on top of the price of any light to never ever see a strobe again ..

for me ... 5 dollars was a given .

So My question was ok about ten ?..How badly do you really hate strobe/sos..??

I voted" NO "on my own poll

ten is too much

Five >>I vote YES

I'm with you. I might pay $5 extra, but not $10. Especially on a budget light where $10 would be a big chunk of the cost of the light. With good mode memory, it isn't quite as bad to have flashy modes. I can get a new driver for $5.

I would pay 10 extra dollars to have a better UI. Strobe shoud show up if you clic it fast may be 3 times (?) for an emergency.. and the SOS and beacon should be hidden before some high med low cycles. And if the high med low are programmables.. much better

10$ for a better user interface that hides modes and allows variable programing is a little on the cheap side

Sounds like we're getting ready to have Sunwayman make the next BLF light...

>time to make a light so nice cpf members hit budget light forum like bears to a buffet

Because the cheap manufacturers makes smaller series of those lights and that sometimes results in a higher price.

I'd rather have a torch that I love to use than two that I hate and keep in the drawer because of their blinky modes. After all, I only have so many hands that I can use to wield a torch. We all have different outlooks on things, some people are bothered by blinky modes while some are not.

I voted yes because I hate blinky modes. Though depending on the light, I could probably just swap or mod the driver in order to get rid of the blinky modes. I can do that for less than $10, but whether I would do it or not depends on the light in question and its overall UI. A light with a good 9-15Hz 500lm+ strobe would be nice to have if you really want to annoy someone though

I really do like flashy stuff. The more modes it has, the merrier...

The more I use my various torches, the more I'm coming to realize that perfect for me would be Hi>Lo>Moonlight. I'd pay extra for that, but not $10 for strobe removal. Like it's been stated, that's more than a good driver.

10 bucks is way too much. It would be nice if we can choose modes when purchasing a flashlight. I can dream right?

I just wont buy ! Especially if its 3 mode and one of the modes is the junk mode ....

I think a flashing mode is an "extra" so it should be the flashing crowd paying more for having it! :bigsmile:

I honestly don't care that much - a lot of flashlights the flashing mode is easy enough to avoid. As for why manufacturers put them in... well, apparently it's quite highly requested by a lot of general users.

What does that say ? about general users ?

That they think strobes can be effective in self-defense? It's come up a number of times in the manufacturer-specific forums at CPF.

I'm not gonna rant all day about it but it's apparent if you've ever done business with chinese ..that tacky gaudy and ignorant is all the rage in china . i think it has to do with a country that hasn't had a pot to piss in and suddenly the bright lights are on ..It's disco time and it's exciting .. ask women anout chinese fashion .. it's pure garbage it's bling bling blong? all fizzle and flash ..To get something done right you have to demand it and demand it and get way up in their faces . if you relax they see it as an opprotunity to cheat steal and cut corners to save 3 cents ..they will ruin a product you can sell for 30$ usd by trying to save 3 cents and turn a good thing into garbage overnight .

they make strobe because they think it's cool one wants it ..NO one .anyone who does has 700million lights to choose from .

Why does a 3 inch AA flashlight have an attack bezel..lets get real here .. someone is not thinking all

Simplest thing to do would be to hide the strobe modes .. or make an easy way to disable them on the driver ..cut the red wire or connect the jumper by moving the connector over onto different pins .. too simple

Just paid $4 less for an XM-L dropin with no strobes from Manafont.

That's the way to do it Manafont!!

I would pay +$15 for a 2*X mode flashlight like this:

[Set 1] Bezel turned left: Hi/mid/lo/moonlight

[Set 2] Bezel turned right: flash/disco/sos/sweet home alabama/e.t.c

As long as it also keeps memory for set 1 and set 2.

Also, I think memory that works is more important to me than no-disco-modes.